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Wu liang ye luzhou old cellar press again raise price national pit 1573 rose 40%

The personage inside course of recently to "the first financial daily news that luzhou old cellar (41.66, 0.00, 0.00%) (000568 SZ) has started to raise prices at the weekend,crystal gift decoration of which 52 degrees ordinary pack" national pit 1573 "(hereinafter referred to as" 1573 ") program within the same factory, unplanned factory price increased to 889 yuan/bottle, terminal retail of wine line, business super guided prices increased to 1389 yuan/bottle.

A familiar with luzhou old cellar insiders crystal car model told reporters that 1573 had for 635 yuan/bottle factory. This measure, 40% of 1573.

Luzhou old cellar in northern China a provincial area sales managers accepting our newspaper when interviewing, say, the company going to the middle of December retail of wine is a terminal line, business super guided prices increased to 1389 yuan/bottle. And northwest regions of a district manager also to the financial times,crystal diamond keychain the company has formally issued a notice started,LED crystal keychain in the area where he is expected to within crystal ship model a month the new price can perform in place, he says, the new policy the regiment buys price floor price not under 1189 yuan, retail pricing in 1300 multivariate.

According to our understanding, in wu liang ye (38.44, 0.37, 0.97%) (000858 SZ) in September this year before prices, the main 52 degrees crystal bottle wu liang ye retail price 800 yuan only, crystal cooperate trophy after prices achieved 1109 yuan/bottle,crystal customized trophy more than 1573 of the luzhou old cellar terminal price 959 yuan by nearly 200 yuan.

Liquor-making industry more than analysts said the move to luzhou old cellar price position wu liang ye put.

Liquor industry to our zhang hua,crystal award cup said the increase in the retail price luzhou old cellar after wu liang ye put 200 yuan, "more from the consideration of three price, from last year to 1573 luzhou old cellar of every time is aimed at more than raise price of wu liang ye."

The northwest area manager for our reporter also said 1573 this product production, the beginning of design direction is more than wu liang ye, put the increases in wu liang ye just to achieve its own positioning just.

Liquor marketing experts iron plows says, in "aroma" the father of the name luzhou old cellar eyes, its 1573 a year of production of about 3000 tons and 12000 tons of wu liang ye compared with the scarcity, at least on the price with wu liang ye "equal".

A brokers in the food and beverage industry, the researchers said the 1573 afer, the company may be part of the sales in 1573 reduced, but because overall factory price increase, sales of listed companies will benefit to improve, and profit, also can have further growth.

"Luzhou old cellar smart is always take" quietly prices. "way" HuaWen huatong (Beijing) management consulting Co., LTD. The chairman WangChuanCai told reporters. In fact, luzhou old cellar in recent years has several times improve factory price, but did not: like guizhou maotai (213.87, 3.89, 1.85%) (600519. SH), such as foreign enterprise that wu liang ye as a public company important information disclosure.

It is worth noting that, it means distance to the national development and reform commission last interview liquor enterprise only in the past two months. In the middle of September, the national development and reform commission price department and economic and trade company, price bureau held together liquor prices symposium, questioning guizhou maotai, wu liang ye, Sue wine group, luzhou old cellar, gujing gongjiu (97.51, 1.18, 1.22%) of liquor relevant person in charge of enterprise, enterprise can't appear requirements liquor price phenomenon. The national development and reform commission put forward at the meeting requirements, industry associations and liquor backbone enterprise want to rise to maintain the role of liquor market price, and security market supply, price stability, can't appear prices phenomenon, strengthen self-discipline, to strengthen the management of the dealer.

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