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LED industry in China from 1990 began to rise, in 1996-2000,

LED industry in China from 1990 began to rise,crystal building model in 1996-2000, with many small and medium-sized enterprise to enter into this industry, which resulted in the industry internal competition gradually intensifying, product prices dropped sharply in 2001, began to develop steadily, industry association, year 2009 domestic LED display application products output value of scale achieved 14 billion yuan, of which a full-color display application products scale to 6.5 billion yuan. In 2010 LED the boom of industry high, crystal pen set attract many investors into, but as the European debt crisis turned ugly and domestic tightening influence, the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises face survival crisis.

According to statistics, in the first half of 2011 crystal souvenirs LED industry planning for 1184.98 signed investment is one hundred million yuan RMB, a 26% growth compared with year-on-year, but apparently not open the downstream market. Enterprise ofcrystal bottle stopper LED products rely more on local government municipal engineering to digest, expensive prices make civil still distant, and by the international market the influence of the weak, crystal pyramids LED products export also suffered a poorly. At present shenzhen many 1300 LED enterprise most for small and medium enterprises, can't all survive, industry tide has started to collapse, the industry is facing cruel shuffle. Now, though, LED a rapid growth trend overall, but shenzhen every day there are facing bankruptcy or be LED enterprise liquidation.

Policies to promote energy conservation and emission reductions, move LED lighting applications market, which is beneficial to the medium and long term development industry. The fourth crystal horses quarter on a number of leading policy semiconductor lighting is expected to come on stage in succession. It is reported, the Treasury is jointly with the competent department such as development and reform commission and a plan to semiconductor lighting products in subsidies, the fourth quarter is expected to launch. crystal gift baby In addition, the ministry of science and technology on "all ten city lamp" implement measures of the guiding opinions in the fourth quarter is expected to release.

According to the national development and reform commission predict, "1025" period, the LED industry is expected to quadruple the goal. To the end of 2015 China LED lighting permeability of 20%. And the industry is generally estimated more optimistic, it is estimated that by 2015, China outdoor LED lighting permeability of 60%-80%, crystal gift clock indoor commercial LED lighting permeability of 25%-30%, indoor household LED lighting permeability about 5%-10%, the Chinese market LED lighting will reach, even whole permeability is more than 20%.

With LED products entering the green lighting, crystal gift decoration LED lighting the outbreak of downstream market will drive the sapphire substrates LED a large amount of demand, the electronic, crystal crystal sapphire substrates such as photoelectric production enterprise will benefit obvious.

According to information, LED products production process can be divided into substrate manufacturing, extension of production, chip production, chip packages and LED products production five stages. Among them, the substrate in LED chips as carrying and fixed function, and sapphire substrates market share as high as 92%.

Topology industry research institute of Chinese mainland in 2012 is expected to LED lighting market will realize the outbreak, the size of the market will from $2011 in 2.8 billion to a sharp increase to $8 billion, a 185% increase year-on-year. To the second half of 2012 China LED lighting permeability will more than 30% to 31%.

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