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« European lamp disfavor enterprise hair winter of speech LED industry in China from 1990 began to rise, in 1996-2000, »

Cheng fang, wild west in the white romantic

About this a wedding photos of male leading, people may not know who is Lauren, also don't know who is David, but from the couple's last name, but is not hard to guess the answer a few minutes. LaurenBush, the former President of the United States GeorgeH. W.B ush granddaughter, DavidLauren, top fashion designers, crystal wine stopper china Polo unlined upper garment, the founder of the trend RalphLauren the son. High society wedding cake can always become people mouth's heated topic, however the couple combined,crystal wine stopper manufacturer in addition to their respective representative political family and fashion house background, between lovers for seven years long courtship itself will moved many people.china crystal gift and craft Love will have the seven year itch, crystal table clock and the couple but in the seventh year hand in hand into the marriage. Coincidentally, Lauren name coincided with the name of David, and maybe this is the so-called destined to it.

Face the people and the blessings of fashion media, LaurenBush and DavidLauren and not going to hang people appetite, like fashion and JamieHince KateMoss leader of married,crystal square ashtray new people will be right of filming the wedding entrusted to the famous "Vogue" magazine, after all, to RalphLauren position, it is to give all brand and fashionable lovers a confessed.crystal hanging decoration With a celebrity wedding speaking, wedding dress is always the biggest attraction. Of course, to the wedding, the bride and groom dress brand doubt as RalphLauren indeed. According to LaurenBush interview, crystal hanging ornament she revealed that marriage gauze design and of all the details are in the studio RalphLauren finish, from the initial cut to the last completed, the wedding dress cost the whole 3000 attacks a hours for manual embroidery, and attached to rice white veil for the corolla, pearl inlaid with full Swarovski crystal. crystal lotus candleholder This attack in embroidery and nail bead dress, full of rich American memory.

Due to the Bush family and Lauren family has a western background, this a high-profile wedding was arranged in the western United States that the vast expanse of the prairie, crystal candle stand for miles and miles and a rugged mountains look endless yellow wheat fields, compared to a pair of new people almost melted in the form of under the blue sky, highlight the strands of intangible but great happiness.crystal plane model Black old path in the wilderness of the carriage yellow, though a small British royal wedding that people with fantasy solemn grand, but because the fields continuously upset the bride with hair silk skirt of the wind feel free peace. In addition to the wedding record in wedding gown, sina and the bride also took pictures of wearing cowboy style leisure attire,crystal building model these optional and good figure is like half a century in the west of old movie before, but real have a greater yearning, let people can't help realize, a western style wedding, also can become as the choice of the royal wedding.
LED industry integration enterprise will speed the policy of red envelopes

2011-July 1, 2 inches sapphire substrates price from at the beginning of the highest 35 dollars /, down to the current of the 13-$15 / piece, the average decline was more than 50%; LED chips price by 25% on average; LED encapsulation price by 23% on average; The average price cut also LED application reached 21%. And different kinds product price changes are greatly different, part of the price drop even as high as 75%.

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