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European lamp disfavor enterprise hair winter of speech

European light industry this year is not optimistic. Base outside, house property pressure and consumption habits to; The base, rising costs and market competition intensified.china crystal ball It can be Fried in diplomacy, especially may come ahead of the off-season, part of the brand enterprise controller even published "winter speech".

Lights European lamp has experienced two "crystal ball company ;rebirth"

European lamp in town enterprise official appearances should be "lights are China," title before and after settled in. In 2001, some taiwan-owned enterprise began to try domestic water areas, but refuses to soil and water conservation, most died, made a lot of tuition; In 2002, the second unprecedented success of the fair, crystal gifts manufacturer the ancient town every scored "lights are China," reputation, reputation in the outside, foreign also follow, the ancient town European lamp also points to the export of sharing; diamond supplier In 2003, "Enoch g" in "which west's" brand casting copper soldering skills will be in the market for European lamp and bring a share of pure and fresh breath; In 2004, crystal pendant china "Ike's poem" with resin, however, crystal gift supplier is for the backbone Europe type lamp, occupy the Europe type lamp the commanding heights of the market, and then rely on huayi group longer brand and channel, market sales and rising unemployment, the innovation of the skill to follow suit, after all, imitation, channels and intensive cultivation of more show enterprise capability;crystal perfume bottle supplier The second half of 2005, "Enoch g" to segment the market to integrated marketing resources, launched "emperor WoLi", "beauty harmony" DengZi brand, at this time, crystal craft company "alex", "desire to" and other brands have come clean, these brand relative alternative market penetration technique makes the industry does it one brace up.

Just a few years, European lamp completed from the material the further development to the marketing brand competition of the first round of the cycle. The first round of circulation and the second round the point of circulation in 2008-2009. All so time for European light more brand operation and financial tsunami in intersection. crystal craft factory 2008 years of guangzhou light and exhibition, jade-like stone fai lighting in their original brand "the poem,", and on the basis of comes out with a new brand "as the king".crystal animal supplier It is reported, this brand main attack ZhongDiDuan market, and "the poem," the brand form market differentiation. The dongguan df lighting is just the opposite, the launch of the "martina" brand positioning in high-end market, than the original "df" brand higher grades, and especially preparation martina building, crystal ashtray factory advancing the brand operation. All that Seth lighting was is in business Europe type lamp, but also to the same year launched a continental lamp brand: Louis Karen.

This year the European "thin"

With the financial tsunami flush, since early 2009 to August, the less than half a year, more than 200 ancient European lamp enterprise washed away half. According to industry insiders revealed that when lights times square lighting lamp outlets from 12 home European shrunk to 6 companies. Then the real estate market stabilising, European lamp also gradually thaw. According to the reporter recently visited statistics, lights-the world trade lamp expo center has nine European light and all lighting a dozen times square, century lighting a dozen square. The data in the first half of this year to keep the basic stability. Starting in May this year, European lamp enterprise controller generally felt that "chill the". Sally phillips's by general manager said: "the second quarter this year year-on-year sales fell by 10% ~ 15%, and the increasing cost, profit is shrink."

Contrast before a few years, domestic European classical lamp market increased demand, because decorate style of diversity, its gradually replace part of crystalline light, modern lights, and other lamps and lanterns of the market share, more used in apartments, villas and clubs. But European light the market demand of the real is how much, terminal consumer tastes, and accept what is price position, and so far there are no authorities provide relatively accurate data. The supply and demand relation coordination and information asymmetry caused the market over expansion. From lights inside short time a lot of manufacturers and merchants all piled in, the whole industry is presented in a contingency, irrational prosperity. And sales target population narrow, sales long cycle, a city needs atrophy, and to continue to launch new products also let this year's European lamp enterprise of all the suffering of the inventory pressure.

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