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Art Master Lighting lamp: highlights of home life

  Economic globalization, led to fierce market competition, but also allow faster pace of life. In such a pursuit of individuality, style, respect for health, quality of the era, home industries always been strong in the economy, enrich the material, while the innovation. In recent years real estate has been dominated by financial markets, household products also will be recovered. Family hopes to buy personalized furniture to decorate their home, a family wants to multi-dwelling, human furniture to improve home life. Then in such demand, the "integration of furniture,crystal gift baby " will get people all ages.

    The so-called integrated furniture, refers to multi-functional furniture, appliances, furniture set in a. For example, now relatively popular on the market of lighting products, is the set decoration, lighting, household items as a whole, even home decorations, and is home necessities. crystal gift clock Traditional home lighting may be a room a lamp, and with the improvement of living standards, home lighting, crystal lamp into the luxurious, colorful chandeliers, wall lamps, and more practical, energy saving, environmental protection, a variety of home lighting.

   crystal gift decoration Well-known master of the Production Process lamp lighting arts, with a personalized decoration industry, gentrification development, lighting brand not only to meet one-stop purchase, one-stop delivery, stop the installation of lighting, but also to meet the smart, practical , lighting systems, lighting requirements will be closely linked with everyday life. Of course, not only for lighting technology, high performance requirements, crystal car model it is comprehensive for crystal diamond keychain the entire industry a higher quality of service requirements.

    With the implementation of large-scale low-carbon economy, government subsidies to purchase the implementation of energy-saving lamps, energy saving lamps,LED crystal keychain LED lighting, a lighting market darling. As the Eleventh Five-year implementation of the plan the green light, incandescent phase-out plans are slowly implemented. crystal ship model More and more consumers, it is hoped that wider use LED lighting, and not just in engineering, transportation, commercial lighting.

    I do not know the bright crystal lamp place the number of romantic love fairy tales; in the fashion and creative era, radiant lamps, World Cup soccer lamp will be living in the "doping"; alarm clock small lamps, ceiling fans, lamps, round mirror light etc., has become a living accessories, necessities. With advances in technology, music box sensor lights, kitchen warm, cold light, photosensitive, thermal control lights of human design, so you feel more relaxed, healthy lighting system.

    Lighting reflects the rapid development of market demand changes. Survey shows that 80% of household lighting consumption generally accounts for 10% of the total cost of renovation for more than a few household lighting consumption of 3,000 yuan, most households is as high as 5,000 yuan. Judging from lighting consumer spending seems to have become the protagonist of the furniture industry, lighting out of the traditional home lighting services towards diversification, healthy development.

    Health, economy, fashion, home lighting environment is the goal of many consumers, and people decorated, furnished home environment is often the pursuit of luxury, upscale, avant-garde, but often overlooked home lighting, should follow the practical, health principles, to home decor, interior floor area, interior height, to place different types and styles of lighting products. Color decoration in the pursuit of individuality, but also should consider simple, such as natural light environment.

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