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Around LED interior lighting of the nine core competitive trends

  From years of lighting market, lighting competition focused on efficacy, modeling, process and application of new technologies, materials and other aspects of change,crystal pen set home lighting back lighting is no longer confined to just the extent, while lighting market, consumer demand is now more important is to look at the following aspects.

    1. Respect for the natural

    Meet people return to basics, respect for nature's psychology, according to the survey, 30% of the lighting used naturalized design,crystal souvenirs such as plum blossom lamp, tail lamp, Light Peach, horses and other small animals, modeling light, using a variety of wood art sculpture, no less true of art. Shade selection of widely used paper, wood, gauze, carved out of the Moon, fairy and other designs, the combination of art and utility.

    2 combination

    crystal bottle stopper The lighting is combined with the daily routine fashion trends, such as ceiling fan light, round mirror light, flashlight yellow lights.

    3 colorful

    Lighting market are now living with a variety of synchronization, multi-Phi "colorful" coat, a red maple leaf, a natural blue, coral, crystal pyramids yellow, green plants, etc., color, look elegant, warm.

    4 sub-functions

    People no longer just satisfied with the lamp lighting functions, for a variety of use requirements of the lamp came into being. Student lamp, writing lights, emergency lights, fluorescent, glow lights, light dinner, different heights of the floor lamp new one after another.

crystal horses

    5 high technology

    As electronic technology has been widely used in the manufacture of lamps, adapted to different voltages, can adjust the brightness of the third generation of lighting increased recently. No strobe, three wavelengths chromatography adjustable lights, red lights, far-infrared radiation crystal gift baby can have the protection of visual function of lighting is also onto the market.

    6 luxury style

    High-grade office buildings, luxury hotels, restaurants and other public facilities, decorative lamps increasingly luxurious, high-end. Magnificent high-end chandeliers, lovely crystal lamp, full of elegant Italian white lotus lamp, cold-looking lights, motorized mirror lights, adding to people's lives more fun.

    Lighting market competition is heating up now, competition is no longer a single way, in the diverse field of competition, product innovation and continuous improvement required to meet the diverse needs of consumers, the only way to change the constant innovation constantly, of course, but also ruthless caught the quality of this core point, this will be the status quo in the highly competitive market in steady progress.

    7. Multifunctional

    If charged lamp, table lamp with a music box, there is a bedside lamp doubles as a light-sensitive telephone-controlled lights, indirect calls that night, the lights automatically light up, hang up the call is completed after a delay of 50 seconds or so can be turned off. And then during the day, phone calls, light will not light up. This set a variety of functions in one light, is consistent with the current consumption trend.

    8. Energy conservation

    Energy-saving lamps popular with consumers. Using energy-saving lamps such as longevity 3LED core power, the brightness can be selected. Meanwhile, the widespread adoption of new energy-saving light bulbs lighting products, technology has become mainstream.

    9. Environmental protection

    Environmental protection is a topic of lighting a new production technology, show people the importance of indoor living environment, the people that this is the future of home lighting, the main development direction. Beijing produced an odor repellent light, with a natural detoxification enzyme sub-technical foul, not only to maintain the room, the bathroom in the kitchen air fresh, and full of fun with the art form, we will become the new darling of lighting and home .

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