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European lamp lighting industry how to market a bit thin winter break

   European corporate official in the town to show his face lights should be "China Lighting Capital" title settled before and after. In 2001, the number of Taiwan-funded enterprises began to test the water area of ??domestic sales, but unfortunately lack of acclimatization, the majority die a natural death, to pay a lot of tuition; 2002, the second light Fair unprecedented success, winning town, "China Lighting Capital"crystal craft factory reputation , reputation, and foreign companies after another, European-style light is also assigned to the town's share of exports; 2003, "Knox" in "Fei Xinuo" brand will be bronze lamps and soldering techniques for integration into the European markets a breath of fresh air; 2004, "crystal animal supplier Ike Liston" devaluation of resin as the backbone of the European-style lights, occupy the commanding heights of European lamp market, then rely on the breadth and depth of the Huayi Group brands and channels, market sales have been rising, art, after all, easy to follow suit to imitate the innovation,crystal ashtray factory enterprise more skill intensive channels; second half of 2005, "Knox" in order to segment the market to integrate marketing resources, have launched the "Emperor Wo Li", "U.S. Yong" and other sub-brands, At this time, "Alex", "desire" and other brands have been released,crystal wine stopper china the brand's market penetration relative to alternative measures to make the industry lifted.

   crystal wine stopper manufacturer Within a few years, European-style lights to complete the development from the depth of the material to marketing the brand's first round of the competition.china crystal gift and craft The first round of the cycle and the second round of the critical point in the cycle 2008-2009. This period because the lights for the European multi-brand operation and the intersection of the financial crisis years. 2008 Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition, Bright lighting in their own original brand of "special Decker poem"crystal table clock based on the grand launch of a new brand of "one hundred according to Wang." It is reported that the brand targets the low-end market, with the "crystal square ashtray Black & Decker poetry special" brand a market differentiation. Dongguan Tai Feng Lighting is just the opposite, the launch of the "Martina" brand positioning in the high-end market than the original "Imperial Feng" brand grade higher, but specially build Martina building,crystal hanging decoration efforts to promote the operation of the brand . Versace European lighting lamps already in operation, but also re-released the same year, a European lamp Brandcrystal hanging ornament : Louis Karen.

    European lamp industry is not optimistic this year. Base, housing pressures and consumer habits change; base, rising costs and intense competition in the market. Turns out to be fried in diplomacy, especially off-season come early May, some brands charge even issued a "winter crystal lotus candleholder of speech."

    crystal candle stand European Light "thin"

    crystal plane model As the financial tsunami, erosion, and from early 2009 to August, less than six months, the town more than 200 European companies were obliterated half of the lights. According to industry sources, when the lights are European Times Square Lighting lamp store dropped from 12 to six. Then the real estate market has stabilized, European-style lights are also getting warmer. According to statistics I recently visited, lights - Lighting Expo Trade Center has nine European-style lights, lighting Times Square lights are 12, 12 Century Lighting Square. The data in the first half of this year remained stable. May this year, European-style light business executives generally feel "cold bursts." Shafei Nuo Huang Xiaodong, general manager, admits: "This year's second quarter sales decline by 10% to 15%, and increased costs, the profit is shrinking."

   crystal building model Compared to the previous years, the domestic European market demand for classical light increased, due to the diversification of the decoration style, gradually replacing some of its crystal lamps, modern lamps and other lighting market share, more used in apartments, villas and clubs. But the real market demand for European-style lamp is the number, the terminal positioning of consumer tastes and what price to accept, so far there is no authority to provide relatively accurate data. Disharmony between supply and demand and information asymmetry leads to market over-expansion. Short period of time from lights are a large number of manufacturers and businessmen swarmed, the industry presents a chance, prosperity irrational. The sales target population narrow, long sales cycles, demand for first-tier cities decline, coupled with continued introduction of new products to let companies suffered this year's European light pressure on the stock suffered.

    The same problem plagued European light counterfeit

    Plagiarism phenomenon has been an open secret in the industry, European-style light field is no exception. Alex Jinxiang Dong, chairman of the assertion: "the gap between product innovation capabilities, determine the distance between large enterprises and SMEs, but also led to a growing polarization, but the market is very powerful style of counterfeit , leading to product homogeneity is very serious, but also restricted the industry's overall development. "since 2010, after" rehabilitate "the European light again on the state before the financial tsunami, town size and the number of European-style lights up the more than 200 of the high. And each quarter a number of new series is the only way to maintain sales volume, most of its European-style lights without the strength of corporate R & D is naturally "and rely on to" find ways to replicate the brand's new corporate design, to achieve "cost innovation" .

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