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Red Dragonfly Fashion Group held "win dragonfly 16 years' conference

  October 9, 2011, China Wenzhou. Today (October 9), Red Dragonfly Fashion Group, held in Wenzhou, China "dragonfly win in 16 years," Fashion Festival, and "MEMORYOFVENICE" 2012 spring trends conference. At the same time, Red Dragonfly Culture Fashion Tour & China Shoe Culture Museum, Science Museum and the brand museum grand opening. International superstar Vitas (Vitas) as a mystery guest appearance in the conference after the china crystal ball concert for the guests interpretation of a musical feast.

    Red Dragonfly 2012 spring and summer theme of "Venice legend" (MEMORYOFVENICE), divided into two series, first series: Construction of Venice crystal ball company (St. Mark's Square), the second series: watery Venice, including women's, men's, children's clothing, shoes , leather goods and accessories full range of products such as red dragonfly. Show the use of holographic multi-media technology, no stage, the audience and the models in a visual space, plays a different role in each other,crystal gifts manufacturer appreciate each other - the huge station be playing T-appearance of Watertown, both sides of the holographic image shape of different building height, window shadows shaking, people come to realize that being in the middle of Piazza San Marco, there is The Merchant of Venice coming and going. Music pumping, diamond supplier the stage becomes a river, just Dora will inadvertently ship looming. Tread water for the models come with the mist in the brew Yun's stage, single file fashion show red dragonfly charm. The entire show through the first series and second series of transformation scenes, showing a concept of environmental protection crystal pendant china - whether in the future crystal gift supplier of Venice will disappear, memories will be forever in our hearts, we love the earth.

    The conference invited by the model are A to A-level super-model, a large red dragonflies and shooting video, supermodel Fu Zhenggang, Du Bo, crystal perfume bottle supplier Lizi Feng,crystal craft company Zhang Liang have appeared in the T station, showing the red dragonfly clothing style. International superstar Vitas (Vitas) appeared as a mystery guest will be the T station, as a debut trip to China, to the surprise guests. After the opening show of the dragonfly is a European win the party's crystal craft factory open-air concerts, well-known band accompaniment, and Vitas (Vitas) sing the finale, fine hearty buffet in Gongchoujiaocuo, Fashion Group to create a red dragonfly positive, healthy, freedom, sense of style, the details of the pursuit of the perfect fashion image.

    Red Dragonfly brand founded in 1995, inception, Chairman and President Mr. Qian Jinbo's dream is to create a sense of history, to express the high-end fashion brand East. First decade of the red dragonflies and market needs based on the product, highlighting the practical, proven and practical to make a series of clothing. 2005, the brand began to re-plan, in respect of the market, into the brand's values, proposed to "lead the Eastern fashion, on the original life" slogan. "Design is from life experience, in fact, but also a character." Qian Jin Bo says. "When Chinese consumers began to identify with the local brands, the brand will become a historical accumulation of scarce resources, the advantage of the red dragonfly on this."

    China Shoe Culture Museum, which contains many valuable collections, interpretation of China's long history of manufacturing products and brilliant culture, shoe shops and Technology Museum is to show where the existing results, showing a red dragonfly worthy of full respect for the hand- shoes processes and modern business model. Shoe Museum uphold the origin, public, private enterprises demonstrate a portrait restored, historical and cultural heritage of China's determination. Brand museum is the dream of the red dragonfly museum, "because love was born, and for the dream to fly", carrying the red dragonfly on the future thinking and exploration, as both cause and red dragonfly entrepreneurs dream of sympathy and recognition. Science and Technology Museum represents the product of intensive red dragonfly, the perfect fusion of technology and fashion. Red dragonfly three pavilions create a respect for tradition, promote the brand image of traditional culture, tradition and technology in this blend.

    The event will break the inherent consumer brand image of Red Dragonfly - it is not just a manufacturer of brand shoes, shoe production, but the industrial structure with a rich, mature and international fashion groups. It brings together women's fashion, men's, children's clothing, shoes, leather goods, accessories, and ultimately from the "shoe brand" to "Fashion Group", to create a future for the red dragonfly endless possibilities - all the way toward the development of routes Made in China to create changes, adhere to the red dragonfly made of a new trend, "domestics."

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