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Energy of the "Electric Tiger" Crystal Light corporate profits increasingly thin

       Crystal Light known as the lighting of the aristocracy, with its elegant, luxurious bright features are widely used in hotels, shopping malls,crystal gift baby villas and other high places. Crystal Light in China emerged in the 1960s and 1970s, started in the late 1990s, in 2005 entered the development stage to tell. The number of firms appear multiple growth, mainly due to the domestic process of urbanization accelerated, improved living standards of the enormous demand. In 2011, global economic weakness, inflation and national regulation of real estate, home building materials industry, much to the impact of home building materials industry as a member of Crystal Light industry is also not spared. To further understand the current development of crystal light industry, correspondents Crystal Light has depth upstream parts companies, manufacturers, businesses to conduct investigations, crystal gift clock and with industry professionals to discuss industry trends Crystal Light.


    Crystal Light has since entered the domestic market, with its luxurious, bright light attracted many high-end customers. With spending power and living standards improve, crystal lamp firmly in high-end market, gradually from 2006 households. Art-like crystal lamp lead to higher premium productscrystal gift decoration led to a number of lighting companies to open up the wave front crystal lights. Reporters recently visited a number of companies that, although the crystal lamp market demand continues to grow, but the competition allows the crystal lamp enterprises increasingly slim profit margins. Rising business costs

    crystal car model Personalized crystal lamps are high-end products, companies want a competitive edge, from R & D to design and production, require a lot of investment capital. This year, with the 'labor shortage' lead to increased labor costs, raw material prices, the rental growth and the increase in logistics costs,crystal diamond keychain resulting in crystal lamp production and operation costs continue to increase. Zhongshan Jing Bai Ke boss Wenke Ming Lighting Co., Ltd., told reporters that this year's salaries have gone up a lot of ordinary workers, for example, last year's wage is generally 1,500 yuan / month, this year at least 1,800 yuan / month, up more than two percent. As a labor-intensive industries, crystal light industry, labor costs and the impact on self-evident. Currently,LED crystal keychain many companies are crystal lamp crystal lamp to the low-end as the main direction, although the end-consumer's ability to continuously improve, but the most popular on the market or 5,000 yuan crystal lights, the space is not a great premium product , in the context of the fierce market competition,crystal ship model even if the increase in the production and operation costs, but companies are still unspeakable crystal light prices. Upset the market underground factories

    Crystal Light entering the country though not long, but by virtue of its elegant features and is widely popular with consumers. Especially in recent years, as China's rapid economic development and people's quality of life of constant pursuit, crystal lamps in addition to some high-level entertainment and star hotels, engineering applications, but also sought after by more and more families, luxury villas, apartment home crystal lamp began to frequent the figure, the crystal lamp to become market darlings. After 2005, many companies have joined the non-crystal lamp crystal lamp to the production sequence to. Following the lighting industry in 2007 was hailed as 'Crystal Light years' since, this year, crystal lamp investment boom again soon. It is understood that this new Crystal Light product line almost all concentrated in the town businesses, the town has always blindly follow the trend and perhaps, the habit of plagiarism. Before, too, swept up as long as the types of products, where companies have to follow suit brandished a knife and launched imitation. Products in the market caused by the holding companies to follow suit production, which is the market economy it normal phenomenon, and according to correspondents visited the observation, the current troubled real business problem is crystal light, some 'underground factories' products hit the market with low-quality low-cost market confusion. Jiangmen City, MI Lighting Co., Ltd general manager Xie Zhiping said that the current consumer awareness for the crystal light is not high, three non-plant ground instead of crystal glass with poor plating made of crystal light fittings, etc. to deceive consumers. The product appearance and quality is almost the same crystal lamps, only after a period of time the problem will emerge, these low-priced products for the orderly development of crystal lamp market created a significant impact.

    Red Sun Lighting Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Liu Jinfeng, director of marketing that, although underground factories now have some impact on the market, but as long as companies insist on quality, quality assurance, as the market continues to regulate and consumer awareness for the improvement of crystal light, Crystal Light industry will embark on a healthy development.

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