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47-inch 5 4000 yuan historical lowest level LCD TV recommendation

    The current TV market new products continue to market, although there are many high-end TV market prices higher, but the TV manufacturers will also introduce some inexpensive entry-level product, after all, for many consumers,crystal trophy price is the most important purchase factors. Now I will introduce several of the price of 4,000 yuan LCD TV products, crystal gifts both of these products listed just this year, new products, but also through the volunteer after the market price of more affordable models.
   As cost control reasons, the majority of entry-level brand products joint venture, or continue to use a CCFL backlight,crystal laser but with its brand appeal and stability of quality performance, these entry-level or has a certain cost. The domestic brands are all-LED backlight TV, crystal products the pursuit of TV light, energy-saving friends can consider buying these products.
    Recommended products: Samsung LA40D550K1R

    Price: 4299 yuan

   china crystal Main features: pretty core graphics engine, CMR100Hz speed drive technology

    Samsung D550 series is released this year, entry-level LCD models, the C530 and other models with the same last year, crystal box are not equipped with LED backlighting, but with a much cheaper CCFL backlight. Although the positioning is not high, but the D550 series is still equipped with a pretty core graphics engine, CMR100Hz speed drive technology, but also supports USB streaming media capabilities and ECO sensor. Recently, the author from the Guangzhou Tianhe store Suning learned, Samsung D550 new market, 40-inch quoted at 4,999 yuan, and interested friends can find out.

    Samsung D550 body appearance of acrylic material, the edge trim with transparent acrylic material, the overall appearance of the simple and elegant, and did not feel cheap entry-level products.

   Samsung D550 border is wide, relatively thin this year, Samsung's flagship, especially in terms of high-end models, the border line at right angles to tough design, the appearance of a transparent border to the body a lot of extra points.
   Because the use of a CCFL backlight, Samsung D550 body thickness of 8cm, LED-backlit TV relatively easily in terms of the thickness of 3cm thick, but look at the price is not high in the case, still within the acceptable range. Samsung D550 with a pretty core graphics engine, CMR100Hz speed drive technology, and is also equipped with SRSTheaterSoundHD surround sound system, DLNA wireless resource sharing platform, the functionality is not lost in the end product

    In the interface configuration, the Samsung D550 equipped with 4 HDMI, 2 USB interfaces, 1 PC input, 2 AV port, 2 component video and a set of 3.5mm audio interface, the number of interfaces and utility degree are regarded as a mainstream configuration.
   Performance in quality, due to Samsung D550 equipped with a pretty core graphics engine, CMR100Hz speed drive technology and new technology to upgrade the super pretty color, bright color reproduction makes the TV the picture to please the eye.

    Comments: Samsung D550 series uses a CCFL backlight, while the expense of size and weight, gave consumers a good value for money. Samsung C550 before the continuation of a number of configurations, such as pretty core graphics engine, CMR100Hz speed drive technology, super pretty color technology of these features. Currently, the 40-inch D550 is priced at 4,999 yuan, I believe over time the price will be more attractive, users can go to the store to experience how their quality.

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