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"Perfect" marriage boom gifts do not "mistakes"

     The annual "Golden September and Silver Ten", will focus on the wedding bursting, then consider what to send a wedding gift has become a compulsory subject. Some people in this course there are honors, like a gift to each other, or even a lifetime collection; some people are not passing score, a gift to please not discuss the other side, in vain spent the money. So, this is a test you will not spend money,crystal ship model knowledge does not know the key moment in life.
    If you are a person with the flow, you may not send a gift that feature, it is difficult to impress each other, but the "herd" is just "not a colorcrystal cooperate trophy but will not go wrong." This is considered a "pass." Shown some mistakes when gift is very obvious, such as gentle temperament is obviously the other scholars who, but why should you get one to the other side of sports watches, this is obviously wrong of the future have been shelved or could not escape this gift was transferred to the fate of others. Another example is the other side in and chat with friends,crystal customized trophy said repeatedly that he supports domestic products, but you get a Japanese camera happens to him, your "good intentions" can probably only play the opposite effect, crystal award cup fix, even after friends done. They do not even like the stars have to be taken into account, do not send him a star do not like the endorsement of the product,crystal business gift "80" is very much personality, in the future that you only hurt the feelings of alienation.

    So, no matter what you do want to send a wedding gift, here are wrong, you must not commit:

    First: get the wrong of. People suspect you are not just bought up the numbers.

    Second: crystal medal get the vote of its "evil." People suspect you are not a deliberate provocation.

    Fourth: a gift without taste. Expensive is not necessarily good taste, but certainly not cheap and good taste, do not get those looks grand, in fact,crystal model truck shoddy cheap gifts, people will have every reason to doubt your sincerity.

    Fifth: no wedding gift special features or lack of meaning. After all, the gift of marriage, and marriage will certainly be happy, a long long time,crystal truck model Taoyuan County point of contact for these hang. And they just send a gift without any contact, will make people suspect that this is not you participate in an activity to take back souvenirs.

    Sixth: to send a few years ago old. Unless it is well-known brands in particular classic, until now have been talked about style, or otherwise get out of the new contemporary bar, or is likely to be suspected is the bottom where you turn something out give as gifts.

    Seventh: gifts floating on the surface. A girl is a basketball player, it is natural that she likes and sports-related things, but in fact she likes doing the private stitch, complete a small woman, if she married when she sent a pair of shoes, is sure to make her laugh and cry, like Her movements are just appearances.

    After all, gifts to put in some effort to consider each other's identity, but also consider each other and your relationship is more important is to match up, so that gifts can be sent results.

    Third: get married the other side is that you get your gift. The so-called "vote with peach quoted by Lee," "Lee" and "peach" to value rather, it can be slightly expensive some, but definitely not identical, not the other give you a crystal necklace, and now back to send a crystal necklace to her. You do not cast doubt on the accounting background, skilled in calculating, few in the human.

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