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Good luck to feng shui feng shui treasure treasure extra cash inventory

   In feng shui arrangement, often used in the town of Cai evil treasure of feng shui, but these treasures are look like? The following Xiaobian bring everyone to look at, and study:
    1, tank

    "Lord you mountains, the water main wealth", the tank has a strong urge financial role. But things have two sides, the water is double-edged swordcrystal gift baby if used properly, not only can not bring wealth, but also damage the small financial loss.

   2, God of Wealth

    Fortuna sub-god of wealth (Guan Gong), Culture and the God of Wealth. Wealth Jingzhi properly, can get through the whole family to enjoy wealth or business; crystal gift clock especially the god of wealth Guancrystal gift decoration such as improper Jingzhi, crystal car model Guan sword that will hurt the mouth. The general principle is for the god of wealth to the door, the door for the text Fortuna avoid.

    3, transport, money dispenser

    As the name suggests for the transport of material wealth, if the whole house are all unmarried men are more effective. Avoid use this thing for married persons.crystal diamond keychain The most effective thing in the bathroom, because of water-tsai. Can also be placed in bed, but avoid the use of women.
      4, Crystal

    LED crystal keychain Divided into natural and artificial crystal crystal crystal, natural crystal in which the role of a stronger, better. Crystal should be generally placed in patients Fiends of the place, crystal ship model one can of the disease and misfortunes, two of the disease to be for the fiscal.

   5, brave

    This auspicious body without scales, hairless legs, air force, for a good feng shui decorations, but only for partial financial or marketing sectors (salesmen) to choose from, where revenues were Jieyou floating magic. Just when placed head to the door or out the window, a favorable fiscal side.

   6, copper lion

    The nature of the block to melt the ghost disaster, generally on the location for the door. Where there is a road with red lamp posts or see who can open the door. Copper metal, wood can restrain criminal grams, event trees can be seen opposite the windows were applied. Inside the residence there is water, such as who better to put the bronze lion, because gold can be water, and can bring wealth.

     7, toad

    Cai on good equipment, three legs, two strings of coins mouth title, Tai Chi astrotech head, foot Yuanbaoshan and written "Good Fortune, lucrative, two concentric, three and third seasons peace, grains Fengdeng, six contracts the spring, Seven reunion, the Eight Immortals on longevity, IX cohabitation, Shi Quan wealth "and so on coins.

  8, gold ingot

    Cai mainly to make money, a gold piece on a pair of the largest window on the whole house or window, around the corner and put on a purpose to be incorporated into the window of wealth, the greater the wealth within the window the more prosperous.

    9, stone lions

    Auspicious one, shaped to lift a variety of evil, but also strengthen the official authority or the owner of the yang, in the past a lot of rich families have placed a pair at the door. If the window to see the red gram negative, can put a pair of stone lions facing windows can melt the ghost, and the meaning of their remaining rights.

   10, Wenchang Tower

    This material is the most commonly used instruments, is conducive to reading, fame and career. Ping Shan, Yuen Long feng shui on the construction of such towers, I heard a scholar and high official in the village often. Children can use this device on the bed, adults can be placed in the stage, scholars place it in the bookcase, Evans will help quick.

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