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Hao Industry invited to participate in the 2011 session of the national network of children's photography forum for the exchange will be good corporate elite

    Shudao foot, into the Leshan, came to the foot of Emei, September 20 9 am, a grand conference kicked off in the year 2011 the National Children's Photography crystal candle stand Forum outstanding business leaders announced the beginning of the exchange, the author It is reported that this forum is the exchange of children by the Chinese Society of crystal plane model photography professional Committee, Leshan international Children's film photography son contractors, business networks Hao, Yu planning, ace consultant, Eastern mythology, crystal building model Alice co-co-crystal. I was invited as a member, also came here to attend the meeting.
   Elite circles to be the studio after sitting posture, a host of beautiful women beautiful rostrum, first thanked the guests for their support and love,crystal pen set and then declared the meeting officially began, I suddenly sounded shocked ears of music, Leshan son international Children's film photography ten sections from beauty, along with the rhythm of music, dance, dance their wonderful win everyone's applause.

 In this lively atmosphere,crystal souvenirs this meeting of the heavyweights - Portrait Photographic Society of China Mr. Wang Minghong rostrum opening statement, Mr. Wang held the purpose of this meeting,crystal bottle stopper the theme and meaning for everyone for 11 interpretation, and photography studio on the country, especially children, the development of photography made ??a personal evaluation of the status quo, and forward-looking forecast of the studio photography industry trends and direction. Mr. Wang's objective evaluation by the present alike.
     Nationacrystal pyramids l Children's photography, as this excellent forum for the exchange's corporate elite son organizer Leshan International Children's Film photography dragon total, crystal horses will be at the meeting also made ??an important speech, although the 2006 total long before entering this line, but the computer engineering curriculum, crystal gift baby with his own efforts, only five children will love the International children's film development photography studio became one of the national top ten children! Deserves to be the industry leader.

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