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Hardware industry disrupted businesses struggling twist things around

     Into 2011, the overall market in the metal parts under the poor environment, parts industry has slowed the momentum of rapid growth, most of the parts business through the optimization of production lines, adjusting the product price, brand management, etc. to actively respond to stress.

     Since April 2011 has been due to market regulation and the impact of CPI rise, sales of downstream products companies adversely affected, as the industry chainchina crystal gift and craft the same can not be spared parts business. Hardware into the off-season, a decline in orders.

     In the parts industry, payment of the settlement cycle is generally one to three months. However, the 2011 first half of the colder metal parts market as a whole,crystal table clock many small and medium enterprises accessories is no reason to extend the payment billing cycle. It is understood that part of the electronic components of the business three or four month payment has still not received, money was untenable, and some even stop altogether and a half out of the industry.

    crystal square ashtray Despite the many adverse factors, but most of the difficulties companies have chosen hardware accessories, through the introduction of their equipment, adjust prices, brand operation, etc., through the immediate difficulties.

    crystal hanging decoration Card operation

     Accessories brand for traditional enterprises, seems to be a blueprint for a piece of paper out of reach. However, semi-finished products for ecrystal hanging ornament merging enterprises, brand operation is not a dream. Currently, the brand in the industry to achieve operation of the enterprise is not much, only Jindeli, ring state electronics,crystal lotus candleholder Futai Long, Best Lighting and other brand can do one of the few word of mouth. Accessories brand companies do to improve the resilience of business risk in order to stand out in times of adversity.

     Adjustment of product prices

     Since 2011,crystal candle stand the price adjustment is the largest non-capillary business perfectly. Earlier this year, rare earth phosphor price from 260 yuan / kg, within six months, has rapidly risen to 2,600 yuan / kg, this change so that the market anticipated. In addition to source hardware accessories, lighting accessories, such as other electronic accessories, crystal pendant, also began to adjust the market price.

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