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Need to tax imports of sapphire LED manufacturers can not afford to really hurt

   LED wafer manufacture key materials - aluminum oxide substrate (commonly known as "sapphire"), perhaps because of the words with sapphire who were misunderstood, china crystal ball recently began to be levied 10% excise tax.

    Yesterday, the "First Financial Daily" from the China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association, according to "inform the Customs commodity classification analysis," No. 5, 2011 and June 29, 2011 sub-centers in Guangzhou issued W-2-5100 -2011-0042 classification decision, crystal ball company the LED epitaxial wafers for the production of aluminum oxide substrate of the Customs Code, from 3,818,009,000 to 7,104,901,901 Customs approved class (Chapter 17), crystal gifts manufacturer per kilogram levy consumption tax and 10% 1% of the tariff and require a year of LED chip companies pay import duties and consumption taxes.

    Correspondent to the General Administration of Customs website, product number 7104901901 in the name of: sapphire, formed by the process of artificialdiamond supplier corundum gemstones semi-precious stones (thickness <0.5mm), the minimum rate of 1% general tax rate of 14%, VAT rate of 17% consumption tax rate is 10%.

    "crystal pendant china It must be the name of being misunderstood, or else how could an industrial raw material consumption tax." LED chip manufacturers a high level that the original sapphire substrate does not require to pay any import duties, local customs department has now asked us to pay consumption tax over the crystal gift supplier past year This means that businesses no reason to increase spending several million dollars, is in need of funds for the development of the LED chip business is undoubtedly a lot of expenses.

    crystal perfume bottle supplier Reporters obtained the material shows, including the Ministry of Finance Division, Ministry of Electronic Information Division, China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association, Hangzhou Shilan Ming core, and Wuhan, Shandong Huaguang Di source wave optoelectronics and other parts of the industry crystal craft company department officials, experts and LED business representatives have formed the Committee of Experts on the end of August, a joint proposal to the Customs Department and the Ministry of Finance to reconsider the sapphire substrate and the tariff classification matters.

    Name or being crystal craft factory misunderstood

    "National Consumption Tax Provisional Regulations stipulates that the production of artificial gems jade jewelry to be levied 10% excise tax, but thecrystal animal supplier production of materials for the LED sapphire, jade and jewelry irrelevant." Rise above the LED chip manufacturers that sapphire substrate consumption tax rate of 10% so that foreign manufacturers are also very confused sapphire, sapphire because domestic production companies, such as aquamarine, Yunnan, crystal ashtray factory Chongqing, quadruple, HIT Ao Ruide, Jiaozuo Crane Star, etc., and not consumption taxes.

    It is reported that domestic LED chip manufacturers in the high-end LED chip products, many of them are the use of relatively good quality foreign sapphire substrate. "Now, because 10% of the consumption tax, we are also in consultation with foreign manufacturers sapphire substrate, see if you can let them bear the cost." The LED business executives said.

    2011, No. 5, "Administration of Customs, informed analysis of commodity classification," said sapphire and crystal pear, crystal rods based on their chemical composition, structure, synthetic stones should be classified in Chapter 17. But experts in the expert committee director Chen Dezhong opinion material that is colorless and transparent sapphire substrate, the crystal structure, is a hexagonal system; and sapphire blue, rich in iron, titanium impurities, trigonal system. Therefore, the aluminum oxide substrate, commonly known as the sapphire substrate, is unscientific. Chen Dezhong in addition to an expert Committee of identity, or the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua University professor and researcher IOL.

    Aspects of China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association, said domestic LED chip industry has just started, most of the sapphire substrate to be imported, if the rate of 10% consumption tax will not help as the national strategic and emerging LED lighting industry, the core components of the industry.

    Lingnan University College, Head of Finance Lin pointed out that the tax, the state levy to 10% of the sapphire substrate consumption tax, most likely because the sapphire substrate and the sapphire is the same chemical composition may be in order to prevent unscrupulous companies use sapphire as , legal consumption tax to avoid the sapphire.

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