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Enhance the charm of the home feng shui secrets of love can not believe

    Marriage and family is a long topic, have been married or being in love to love and who are hoping to get their favorite person's attention and recognition, crystal ship model with their hearts and lovers living well in every step, but often always willing to do things with, such as a specific objective conditions, both on the personality differences, especially with the growth of communication time, the freshness of love has become weak. So, my friends might find out, "feng shui" on the relevant content, may be able to use it to enhance the power of love, fortune, and glamor index, the conclusion for themselves a better marriage and family Code Church.
   crystal cooperate trophy Zero trivial quarrel source

    Almost all couples quarrel occurred, very few couples have never had a fight. A survey showed that, if the use of quarrel "Secrets", stand a good quarrel, and perhaps can be a catalyst for the two feelings, the feelings will be a good way to make the feelings experienced "conflict", crystal customized trophy the become more than before more stable and solid. However, according to the majority "come" and experience, husband and wife is often a lose-lose outcome, the end,crystal award cup only waving to say "bye." From Feng Shui perspective, the couple quarrel sometimes due to family reasons, "evil spirits" caused by excessive. Therefore, male and female friends, or quarrel between husband and wife increases, it is recommended to check the kitchen, the kitchen knife to see whether a good income. Because, sharp objects, angular thing, in feng shui represents the "murderous", who somehow make them restless, crystal business gift and finally to fight about meaningless things.

    In addition, when the knife or knife-like object when not in use, be sure to see the place closed at, even scissors can not readily be placed, it is best to develop the habit of always packing. Furthermore, living room furnishings ornamental plants, to avoid Lin Feng-lan, palm leaf plants such as tapered, but should be placed round foliage plants.

  Cooking love more warm red sauce

    "Before you is not the case, you changed", probably a lot of "come" and have received similar accusations.crystal medal Tentatively each other regardless of whether this is artificial, without regard to this first while outside the sounds of speech question, to common sense point of view, are generally reduced as result of fresh love. They want to get back in the past, "deer rattling" feeling, "red sauce" the best. Red, in feng shui represents the excitement and enthusiasm, eat the red side dishes, can be forgotten about to help the parties to regain the enthusiasm. For example, some, such as cooking pasta, tomato sauce, tomatoes, beef stew, fried chicken, tomato, olive oil mixed with raw red peppers tomatoes onions, and red cherry and bayberry, etc. If you put a bottle of red wine at the table again and a red candle, crystal model truck I believe the atmosphere is very easy to become very good.

     Wear "mascot" to eliminate love trouble

    Feng shui "cure-love" devaluation mascot, but according to five elements and the different birthdates to choose the mascot is not the same,crystal truck model the crystal in terms of general people like the "Rose Crystal", which can enhance the love fortune, revisit romance. Hold negative attitude of love of people, "Rose Crystal" for his easy to do. Secondly, easy wishful people, you can remain calm by amethyst. Third, green agate can make distributed charm, has added luster, makes beautiful effects, especially for people who wear the appearance of a lack of confidence. Fourth, due to a strong and decisive personality who can inspire the courage to wear tiger spar, to bring confidence. Crystal Lotus still warm colors, are also helping the pursuit of love, take love, enjoy the love of precious stones, helps the communication between the parties. In addition, if only on the side stone feng shui, the effect will be very limited, it is best to wear on the body, so as to play a role, therefore, the most practical style bracelet. Let your love stronger, and you may wish to select a suitable mascot love!

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