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Organized Blokus, "Ya still" spring and summer new release

    Recently,crystal lotus candleholder the Stronghold of "Ya still" as the theme of the spring and summer of 2012 new orders will be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, franchisees across the country, agents crystal candle stand with the feeling of spring and summer of 2012 Blokus elegant and stylish charm.
   The new products include remodeling the classic, perfect and mysterious pleasure Rococo three main themes. Meanwhile, the new season contains more than one singlecrystal plane model product series, such as the elegant floral pajamas Dress Series, Jun elegant men's shorts series, urban charm stockings series, the interpretation of elegant style, while women,crystal building model men also intended to build simple, the atmosphere quality of life.

    crystal pen set Blokus display space by the designer and the designer's new spring and summer side by side showing the static exhibition, divided into the main push, high-end, body sculpting, crystal souvenirs home four themed areas, the main display area to push through fine art glass, crystal gauze, plastic frosting and other props, wonderful interpretation of the main push of new spring and summer 2012 series of "cool +" features high-end display area is a classic European style, classical elegance of the crystal bottle stopper screen and the white plush carpet and noble feeling, and body sculpting exhibition and home exhibition display is distinctive. Static show both to help clients better understand the scene new season, but also for new stores display the listing of the terminal to do forward-looking model.

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