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3M China automotive paint a comprehensive inventory of beauty products

   Why paint beauty needs to be done:

A new car, paint more delicate, easily scratched,china crystal ball paint is easy to aging, loss of light, a new car to avoid or reduce the above beauty phenomenon, and extend the life of paint

Two for the car, solar ultraviolet radiation due to the long, low-quality car wash liquid, car washing, polishing non-standard maintenance, paint scratches, so paint aging loss of light,crystal ball company hardness and brightness down, shorten the life of paint, affecting the body beautiful!

Paint into paint and refurbish the original paint:

First, the original paint is usually a high-temperature paint, paint drying temperature of 120-180 degrees, the paint hardness, One Dream program we recommend using

Second, the renovation is usually low-temperature baking paint,crystal gifts manufacturer paint drying temperature of 90 degrees below, the lower hardness of paint, we recommend using Dream II scheme

Extreme paint crystal film:

3M THV Supreme paint crystal diamond supplier film unique patented ingredient, the role of superior paint adhesion formula will nourish the body surface in sealed, isolated from the corrosive influence of the outside world, so that the sheath resident is not bad, a few years to maintain the body moist and delicate, with ACS water and fine abrasive formula factor,crystal pendant china clean protective coating step, more smooth and wear-resistant, easy to significant performance personal care. Extreme crystal film to your car is not the same experience.

3M THV patent protection components:

3M THV patent protection component of the 3M company is known for developing innovative, high-performance low molecular weight fluoropolymer with superior adhesion of paint,crystal gift supplier can protect the integrity of ingredients to achieve long-term fixed in the finish glossy effect. Stability of its own nature, for the excellent corrosion and wear-resistant dielectric, can prevent the effects of various external factors to achieve innovative erosion isolated protection, to make paint maintenance more efficient place.

3M Crystal Hard Wax


This product contains a 3M patent ASF (Acrylic Silicone Fluoropolymer acrylic,crystal perfume bottle supplier silicone, fluoropolymers) formula, crystal craft company the protective layer of wax is not easy to break a long-lasting bright as new paint, UV, acid rain, light effect for up to 20 times the normal car wash, and rich cream fragrant.

3M Crystal milk wax (persistent type)


This product is suitable for all kinds of paint, not to hurt the car's light transparent layer, UV resistant UV, waxing, color, smooth, protection, spill-resistant,crystal craft factory oxidation time to complete, resulting in a high gloss. Effect can be maintained 10 - 15 cars.

3M car wax brightening


Can easily and quickly restore paint color and texture. During the dry paint on the wax used, performance. After washing with water spray in the wet paint on dry, crystal animal supplier it can restore the color of the vehicle after waxing, especially for the new car polish.

3M plastic, leather cleaning protective wax


With fresh lemon,crystal ashtray factory applies to all rubber, leather, plastic material. Clean car interior parts can be surface dirt and grease, and left in the treated surface of the natural protective film, so that dust does not accumulate, smell fresh, clean and run the light, a complete

3M Plastic Cleaner


It can be used to remove safety car plastics (such as bumpers, instrument) on the minor scratches, dirt.

3M plastic lip wax


This product is recommended to use 3M plastic cleaner 39017 after use, can be effective to make car parts such as the formation of bright plastic protective film, and with anti-static agent to reduce dust accumulation, so that the processing surface bright as new.

3M Tire powerful cleaning agent


Car paint to remove small scratches, minor oxide, swirl, and a small amount of stain. Recovery after waxing lasting color and highlight color.

   3M Tire light reductant


Car paint to remove small scratches, minor oxide, swirl, and a small amount of stain. Recovery after waxing lasting color and highlight color.

3M triple diamond wax milk


Car paint to remove small scratches, minor oxide, swirl, and a small amount of stain. Recovery after waxing lasting color and highlight color.

3M triple crystal wax milk


This product can quickly clean and remove medium scratches, surface defects, rust and stubborn paint stains oxide film, creating a highly glossy perfect surface.

3M chrome metal polish


This product is used to remove chrome, stainless steel and other metal parts on the rust, oxides, corrosion and defects.

3M aluminum polish wax


This product can apply to place magnesium, aluminum surface oxide film, water spots, brake pads grinding materials and stains.

3M bright 'smart' car wash Po


This product is a concentrated, multi-purpose cleaner. Not to hurt the paint layer of bright transparent, effective cleaning of dust, oil dirt, clean up the car seat room, car mats, plastic parts, etc. (133 parts water: 1 car wash Po).

3M Fantasy specialized construction products

Beauty wax (in cutting)


This product is used by the polishing machine with abrasive. It can effectively remove the sand No. 1200 sandpaper marks, moderate scratches, moderate oxide and water spots. For to be manual, please use the coarse 3M Beauty wax (thin cut).

Beauty wax (thin cut)


This product is our most versatile professional finish abrasive. It can safely and effectively remove sand No. 1200 sandpaper marks even finer sand scratches, other fine scratches rub, moderate oxide, rough spots or thread water spots, use fine after leaving the surface. hand with particularly good results.

Wax polishing machine


This product is used for fast, efficient removal of small scratches, use will produce bright, vivid paint, and a unique 'water shadow' effect. To produce the best results, with the polishing machine and 3M5713 yellow fine wool round use.

Beauty wax (Heavy Duty)


This product is a polishing machine with a professional finish using abrasive, can effectively remove the 1000 sandpaper marks and other non-sand primer of severe injuries and severe scratches on the oxide layer for manual operation, use 3M39002 beauty wax (fine cut).

Mirror wax (dark cars)


This product is suitable for use dark surface of the micro-car mark, swirling marks stains, water spots and minor oxides, suitable for hand polishing or machine polishing.

Mirror wax (light vehicles)


This product is suitable for light vehicles cleared the surface of the micro-mark, swirling marks stains, oxides and a small light spot. Suitable for hand polishing or machine polishing.

Hand wax paint protection


This product is the automobile surface to show vibrancy of color filling is good.

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