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Excellent quality home Gifts: holiness Paul family emergency kit

    June 17 -19, at the Chengdu New International Convention & Exhibition Center "2011 Chengdu, home, leisure goods and Gift Fair", attracted a large number in the home, leisure goods and gifts industry professionals enthusiastic participation of the relevant participating it is up to more than 650 companies, buyers and spectators arrived at the scene about 3 million.

    crystal trophy Organizers hope that, with Reed Gift national resources, Chengdu Gift Show, not only in channel development, brand design and development of display and upgrade services and other related areas, but also the joint multi-regional associations and enterprises to organize gift product launches and the purchase order will to ensure that professional buyers and visitors to "crystal gifts fully communicate", crystal laser quot;rest assured that purchasing."

    Germany holiness Paul tools to participate in this procurement event, according to the General Manager Mr. Zhu Shijin bring new products introduced in this exhibition, hopes to Chengdu Gift Show to let more people understand the holiness Paul, the latest release of holiness Paul family emergency kits.

   crystal products Paul holiness home fire emergency package, family package earthquake emergency fire, earthquake emergency kit home, self contained breathing apparatus, rescue police flashlights, fire extinguishers, self-help escape rope, non-slip gloves, china crystal seven co - rescue whistle, fire blanket self-help means of escape, emergency drinking water, compressed dry food and so on. Easy to carry, simple to configure, fast to use, but the green, pollution-free products, a family outdoor fire, fire,crystal box earthquake, and the best choice for dealing with emergency situations. 1 Emergency drinking water: aluminum View bag, fresh water can be saved for three years emergency rescue, emergency rescue drink.

    Compression dry food:

    1) high energy density.

    2) taste good, moderate hardness, easy to swallow, have a higher acceptance, even of diet and anti-hunger. 3) packing material was replaced tin with plastic packaging materials, easy to open, greatly reducing the weight of packaging materials. 3 Emergency blanket: high-tech insulating material from the film, you can retain and reflect heat radiation the human body for more than 80% of the storage device can be made simple, reflective features can signal to rescuers. 4. Shovel: can be dismantled and stacked. Small size, easy to carry. After the start - the first is a spade - the first is a ho, easy to escape easily excavated. 5. Seven co - Rescue whistle: This set of "life-saving whistle + Mirror + compass + LED light + vault + magnifying glass" on - the body, escape for a family emergency and outdoor self-help. 6. Medical kits: there are alcohol cotton, - times of masks, absorbent cotton, medical gauze, alcohol disinfection tablets, Band-Aids, medical tape, medical folder, etc., for the sudden injury self-help care. 7 Solar Dynamo Power: White Solar LED warning lights, hand power + solar power, for indoor and outdoor lighting, no electricity or lack of routine, personnel and other obstacles to echo distress alert. 8 Emergency Contact Card: In case of emergency to temporarily remove from the emergency kit to wear, to rescue those who provide personal concise information quickly.

    Brand Profile

    Germany holiness Paul International Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to holiness Paul) is a development, design, production and sales - the body of modern international group of companies. Group currently has three branches as a production base, mainly the production of metal tools and related products, including gift-type combination tool for home, home emergency kits, car emergency tools, hardware products, household items, etc.

    June 17 -19, at the Chengdu New International Convention & Exhibition Center "2011 Chengdu, home, leisure goods and Gift Fair", attracted a large number in the home, leisure goods and gifts industry professionals enthusiastic participation of the relevant participating it is up to more than 650 companies are expected to reach the scene buyers and 30,000 visitors.

    Chengdu, with superior natural conditions, a broad market, rich tourism resources, has proposed the building of Chengdu, capital of the world's modern leisure, Garden City's strategic goals, creating a comprehensive leisure industry, leisure and culture and leisure economy, the establishment of low power consumption, low pollution economic form. Ceremony of this exhibition a lot of cooperation as one of the media, real time reporting on the exhibition site.

    Glass is an artificial crystal with a variety of colors (including 24% lead oxide) as raw material, crystal wax casting high-temperature sintering of works of art. This process may go through dozens of carefully hand-operation to complete, a little negligence can result in failure or defect. China Glass is the ancient Chinese culture and modern art of the perfect combination of its bright colors, magnificent changes, the oriental fine, delicate, subtle expression of the thoughts and feelings and art mix.

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