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Micron and the Shanghai Auto Museum renew fine car care services

  September 20, 2011, has a long history of protecting the U.S. auto industry leader in fine brand Micron announced at the Shanghai Auto Museum, Micron will continue to Shanghai Auto Museum car show car essence of maintenance services to provide all products and technical guidance.
  Shanghai Auto Museum since 2007 the official opening, Micron has been its only officially designated automotive beauty care brand, to provide professional products and technical support.crystal diamond keychain Through a long period of cooperation, from Micron to show people the brand in the automotive surface care expertise and love for the cause of car collection, and eventually won the Shanghai Auto Museum deep trust and recognition. Also gradually in the domestic automotive consumers with a certain reputation and the mass base.

Meanwhile, in the event site,LED crystal keychain Micron also to show its broad product line and 2011 new products, Micron M188 deep crystal coating and supreme wax king is the most main products, Micron M188 deep crystal crystal ship model coated with varnish layer the formation of new special coating, the paint covered with a car even in the rain, heavy rain, strong sunlight and frequent washing and other adverse environments persistent and efficient protection layer. Through its excellent ability to allocate water, deep crystal coating the surface crystal cooperate trophy of the water body can be an effective barrier in the paint layer, so that the water stays on the varnish to minimize and reduce the possibility of water damage to the paint.crystal customized trophy At the same time, deep crystal coating can withstand temperatures to 400 ° C, and the scratch-resistant finish capacity by about 25%. However,crystal award cup the service fees do not come cheap, needs 3,800 yuan.

New Products,crystal business gift Micron Blue Reed Greater China Business Manager for our hands the letter also demonstrates Micron professional polishing and waxing process, and to show you results.

With car ownership in China is on the rise and the gradual rise of car culture, the Chinese owners for high quality car care needs further enhanced. Development for the Chinese market, crystal medal the light from the United States since 2008, covering 20 provinces and cities to gradually build the sales network. Care is different from the hands of overseas owners of the cultural body, crystal model truck now Chinese car owners are more inclined to rely on professional conduct intensive nursing care of the car shop.

Beginning this yearcrystal truck model Micron will establish a unified global image, a unified management standardization "Micron show car care centers" to provide professional grade car care car show, and that the Centre will become a base for car people, people with Chinese car car care knowledge and share their essence with the United States to be guided optical products.

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