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Linyi, Shandong, LED lighting market analysis and analysis of the status quo

   LED is a term more popular nowadays, in fact, LED has emerged several years ago, but never been so hot. LED sudden warming since last year, especially this year, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, LED completely broke, which makes LED more and more become the object of interest. Therefore,crystal building model the correspondent of the LED market Linyi conducted a detailed investigation and understanding.

    Currently,crystal pen set the Linyi LED market, while not very mature, but its product coverage is very broad, covering almost all LED products, LED home, LED commercial lighting, LED work lights, LED lights and other necessities.

    LED according to coverage of 80%

    Investigation learned that the current market Linyi LED lighting according to almost every business has, in particular, LED downlights and spotlights, crystal souvenirs whether to do business home lighting, light engineering businesses do, or do the lanterns of the merchants, Almost all of them. Three main reasons: First, customer demand, now home decoration, hotels, guest houses, stores, exhibition halls will be used tube fitting all the spotlights, LED tube lighting to increase after meet customer demand, potentially increasing sales; Second LED Just a sample tube lighting display, without too many equipment goods, then by the factory orders can be shipped, if a customer urgently, can transfer cargo at any time in the market, take less money; Third,crystal bottle stopper LED tube lighting display required area is small, only a display boards can handle that.

    With increasing demand for LED lights

    LED lights with crystal pyramids quality has stabilizedcrystal horses , the lighting effect is no doubt, has been gradually accepted by consumers, especially those buildings, hotels, outdoor lighting and other projects with the gradual introduction of LED lights, increasing demand. Currently, the market saw Linyi LED lights with two main: LED lights with light beads, LED light with SMD (including 12V and 220V SMD chip LED lamp belt with two). LED light with brightness less than the chip bead lamp lights, the market was shrinking in Linyi state,crystal gift baby market share less and less,crystal gift clock now rare, gradually being replaced with a light patch. The SMD LED lamp with a current market Linyi more, mainly to the low-cost, dealers want to push high-end products, but now consumers do not understand the LED, the only contrast is only the price, so low-priced products accounted for dominant position.crystal gift decoration The status of consumer awareness, resulting in Linyi now with LED lights to low-end market-based, that low price products. However, SMD LED with 12V with transformer to be installed, install them more complex and require professional installation, some merchants began to promote the use of more simple 220V SMD lights. 220V and 12V SMD chip LED lamp with a band, compared with two major weaknesses, one slightly higher price, and second, the quality is not stable, but its easy to install, is currently more popular.

    Selling low-volta crystal car model ge LED Crystal Light

    Crystal LED low voltage lights its fresh, natural lighting effects to win the majority of consumers and dealers alike, the larger the volume since last year to go.crystal diamond keychain This part of the flagship brand of low-pressure crystal lamps, crystal lamps depend on the low-pressure sales rising, again and again to break the record high sales, but its strong sales momentum that can last long, do not know, can not blindly Herd, the majority of enterprises , dealers need to be cautious and to.

    LED exclusive image "Just Buds"

    LED-based in Linyi in bulk, exclusive image almost no end of last year, Lexus LED lighting does not store Linyi breaking situation, the creation of more than 100 square meters of LED lighting store Lake, Pegasus opened NVC Lighting LED lighting monopoly area, sun lamps are the best store location opened Pawnee lighting monopoly area. Thus, there have been sprouting Linyi LED monopoly, I believe that in the near future, LED monopoly markets will account for half of Linyi.

    Indoor LED increased potential

    Indoor LED has neither open market situation in Linyi, but this year NVC, Op lighting, light A light, love, China, Guanhua LED lighting and other brands have launched interior products, because of their high cost, currently is part of the high-end consumer acceptance, but as technology breakthroughs and innovation, indoor LED will slowly into the consumers home, indoor LED has a very large upside potential.

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