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Stimulate innovation activities in the gift industry TOP

     China gift industry started late, but the rapid development, according to the "2010 China Gift Survey Report", in 2009 the national gift sales up 890 billion yuan, about 100,000 business-related gifts, annual production of all kinds of gifts more than 100,000 kinds. Including handicrafts, ceramics, jewelry, crystal glass, small appliances, digital products, kitchen appliances, home textiles, toys, watches,china crystal gift and craft and health care products and a few top ten categories.

    Those who want to use ingenious gift to impress a gift, which will be based on preferences or other necessities of life to choose, if a business gift, crystal table clock you can customize the personality, the corporate logo, greetings, mascot, etc. into one It is this diversity makes the gift industry flourishing situation.

    Hu Fulin, chairman of Wenzhou Xintai arrears fled euro zone PMI fell to the bottom

    The growth of SMEs planning the first national central bank has issued nearly one hundred billion of net invested ten weeks within 10 days of 7 business owners crystal square ashtray in Wenzhou missing thirty-one executives said Liang Wengen will not leave the company plans to expose how to transform ordinary crab Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs He Zhicheng: analysis contending interests between China and Europe, not only competition, and more are mutually reinforcing, driven by consumer demand,crystal hanging decoration is innovative and progressive company to keep the source. In recognition of the industry benchmark, to promote the overall development of the gift by the All China Federation of Industry Association, Reed Exhibitions, "sales and marketing," a lot of ceremony jointly organized the "crystal hanging ornament Fourth China gift industry TOP100 Award" re-start, the surface spread to the nation wide battle.

   crystal lotus candleholder The events of the China Gift Industry "Top Ten Most Influential Enterprise", "Top30 excellent service", "Top30 outstanding brand" crystal candle stand and "Top30 product innovation," the four awards, first to introduce ourselves to provide eligible business information, 9 network and print media in mid-voting public,crystal plane model with effect from October 10, jury selection expert team is always open, to determine the finalists.

    crystal building model "Made in China" long-term, low-cost strategy is not suitable for the new era of global competition, the four original intention of actually setting up the project to address the gift industry's weak spots. Through in-depth understanding of business innovation gift progress and achievements of independent innovation of the law, combined with the associations, experts and innovation organizations in the power of gifts to encourage and promote domestic enterprises to build their own brands, for product pricing.

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