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Spain MANGO 2011 autumn and winter fashion gorgeous bloom

    Recently, Spain's leading international fashion brand MANGO fashion first night in Beijing in gorgeous bloom, a the "Paris" as the inspiration for the theme of MANGO 2011 autumn and winter fashion show at the Central Academy of Fine Arts successfully staged. Following last year's March for the first time after the fashion show held in Shanghai, crystal craft company Beijing became the MANGO fashion writing another new look bright stage.
    It is reported MANGO in the country have opened 150 retail outlets, of which 24 are in Beijing, to the end of 2011, MANGO hold an additional 90 stores,crystal craft factory in order to fulfill its commitment to vigorously develop the China market.

    crystal animal supplier Well-known Chinese actress Dong Jie as a special guest at the evening's fashion show, and in the afternoon to visit MANGO flagship store in Oriental Plaza to experience the MANGO 2011 autumn and winter series of fashion charm. Meanwhile, in the fall catalog MANGO first appearance of Chinese supermodel Xiefei Yuan (Emma Xie) starred in the evening featuring a fashion show.

    crystal ashtray factory MANGO 2011 autumn and winter series inspired by the "Paris." Through a series of day dresses and evening of wonderful combinations, especially in contrast to the neutral section is full of design, crystal wine stopper china fashion to the forefront of crystal wine stopper manufacturer those who never stand the French pay tribute to the classic image of women.

     Season with a lot of work needs both day and night leisure needs of the shiny details, shiny sequins decoration, dazzling gold dazzling variety of fabrics and Swarovski crystal elements, these bright spots the details of the wool, denim and leather beads do so under the ever-changing mix of fabrics, china crystal gift and craft full modern style.

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