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Dawn Lucky children love nest big three good feng shui, the whole block Secret

    In 1996, Dawn spent ten thousand Hong Kong dollars to buy more than 3,000 now live in Happy Valley Mid-levels, Hong Kong music Gardens high-rise luxury residences, crystal square ashtray high above that can maintain the privacy, did not think last year he was photographed by the Hong Kong media and music-based children's flirting Home Care by the Hong Kong media refers to "two bedroom vertical Huan 30", so let him have the idea of ??moving.
   Master bedroom becomes a private cinema
According to reports, the dawn has bought close to the 2008 Olympic Equestrian Venue Beas River St.AndrewsPlace of super luxury. Dawn told reporters power broker Joe Chan's crystal hanging decoration visit did not deny that he only said: "Since you will be open so ask me what the news must have been dug, you dig what to write, I will not answer his personal problems. "
  At that time in Beijing in shifts because of his "Mei Lanfang," Taking the whole transaction process can only operate with the contractor commissioned assistant contract. He hit big money to buy luxury, detached villa is 3 floors, 5 suites, a maid room, privacy is high, lyricist Lin Xi with friends next door.crystal hanging ornament In order to honor a friend, he will master bedroom into a private cinema, and over a hundred new homes on the top floor balcony floor, next to Le Le they sunbathe, do not go to Bali,crystal lotus candleholder the.
   Dawn in 2007 when the mad hit 60 million Hong Kong dollars, in 2008, close to the Olympic Equestrian Venue Beas River St.AndrewsPlace sold under the super-luxury, luxury area of ??166 square feet renovation took a ten million Hong Kong dollars. House because of his dissatisfaction and for music-based child to be photographed at home, determined to change houses Tibetan Johnson. This building luxury, detached villa is 3 floors, 5 suites, a maid room, privacy is high,crystal candle stand lyricist Lin Xi with friends next door. In order to honor a friend, he plans to master bedroom into a private cinema, and over a hundred new homes on the top floor balcony floor.
   Dawn for music-based child with supermodel build warm nests, in October 2007 to $ 48 million to buy luxury St.AndrewsPlace8 number of houses in the New Territories, crystal plane model the decoration, the first reporter to sneak into this building is located in Gold Hill Road, Sheung Shui, the mansion, a glimpse of the appreciation has been double the picture of Li Ji cozy home, hall, crystal pen set suite, bathroom materials noble and refined, tall trees around four weeks and the environment of flowers, crystal building model high privacy, and the dawn of a more elaborate layout of your high man-made mansion, according to feng shui master on-site inspections, underground garages alone devices will be marvelous, crystal souvenirs not only wealth, but also Praying for Children, the dawn of the 42-year-old who are often get married, raise a family.
     Mansions of the whole block three,crystal bottle stopper the lowest layer is a large garage and listen to the second floor guest suite is full thickness, of which two have small balconies, on the third floor has two master bedroom,crystal pyramids all ground glass, with the same area of ??the roof, definitely has enough space for music-based child before dawn with two of the world, have passed the second floor suite Dawn plans to open up to become a fan of Lee movie theater and entertainment room, but temporarily not see Articles in this project, I saw that day renovation crystal horses workers find fault with the dawn of the third floor master bedroom is believed to dawn with the music as a priority-based children's bedroom decorated with the rules.

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