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Zhang Jie Xiena September 26 feng shui happiness wedding wedding

     Will be held on September 26, Zhang Jie wedding was held yesterday the new album, "Fame," visit the set of recording activities, and to accept the reporter's interview. At the same time, Xie Na, also announced yesterday a friend Kyung Ho will serve as master of ceremonies for the wedding.crystal craft factory Zhang Jie visit the set of the recordings, and also his last public appearance before marriage. New album will be issued in October, asked whether this is ready for marriage song,crystal animal supplier said Zhang Jie, the wedding will be playing their own songs, and certainly "will make all the guests were very moved."


    "I want to feel the care she Xie Na"

    Xie Na and Zhang Jie scandal in 2006,crystal ashtray factory there came, but they are rarely talk openly about this relationship. Valentines Day 2011, they announced the marriage through the microblogging hearing, "was to see a lot of couple's love, was very moved. Whim, the two talked over the phone, made a decision." Jie said, "I think should give the girls a safe home, crystal wine stopper china and now the cause of a lot of people this age are still rising period, relatively easy to ignore the feelings of the other half I think I should let her Xie Na feel I care. "

    Valentine's Festival, the micro-Bo Xie Na Zhang Jie in Hong Kong revealed to marry him, she felt surprised and happy. For this propose, Zhang Jie spent crystal wine stopper manufacturer a year thinking, He Jiong, who ask to experience. "All things that are wireless connected, when she was still eating lunch when the music sounded, all the arrangements are as staged as the Tarot, although some small mistakes, but really great, certainly all not done with music, games, funny about. "Jie said,"china crystal gift and craft agent shot the video, but now can not open, just possession. later consider whether they should share with you. "

   Xie Na Tsai Kang-yung personally crystal table clock designed wedding shoes

    WASHINGTON Xie Na in the circle make a lot of friends, recently revealed she could not help microblogging sent Kevin Tsai received the gift, more like "the world a unique gift," "wait round the gift of sleep." This time the riddle attracted the curiosity of many users to guess, crystal square ashtray Tsai Kang-yung reply Xie Na said, "Unfortunately, only a person with a woman" was also a lot of friends joked, "Is bra (lingerie)?" Yesterday, the mystery gift was finally revealed, According to the cooperation with Kevin Tsai said the company shoes, these shoes personally designed by the Tsai Kang-yung, not only in the ankle area, put the English capital with a red crystal of N + J, on behalf of "Na" and "Jay", shoes some of them is covered with silver crystal, and even shoes are covered with crystals, a pair of real "glass slipper."

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