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Care for children: choosing gifts for the children aged 0-14 years Experience

   According to the sixth census, the proportion of children in China's population has reached 16.6%. 0-14 year-olds how to send a gift for them, what will become adults and get more to worry about a thing. Winnie the Pooh, Altman,crystal trophy or cash? While some parents to the market, "Gold Rush" only to find that any child-related consumer products are beginning to catch on. However, these tend to boutique, luxury and aristocratic gift of children, parents are a little too much.
   "In the past sets of clothes to the child will spend hundreds of dollars, but now, we should just pick a couple of hundred dollars, too expensive. Children grow faster physically, to spend several hundred dollars for sets of clothes too loss, "Ms. Lee told the people were.

    crystal gifts I noticed in the major shopping malls, in addition to children's clothing, and other child-related commodity prices are also a lot of money. Wide variety of toys, frequently to the hundred or so. At the station before a mall, all kinds of expensive toys so many people speechless.

   crystal laser Why give children gifts? Significance lies in gifts to the children

    Gifts to the children is not the more expensive the better, some parents send their children to the kind of meticulously hand-made works, it makes sense, children are a lot of inspiration from the. Let's look at how celebrities give their children gifts for?

    crystal products Flutist James Galway: he gave each one of four children of different musical instruments as gifts. Son get is an oboe, the second son get is a guitar, twin sisters were obtained horn and flute. Galway, said: "I gave them a listen, china crystal enjoy the gift of music."

    Violinist Mark Huggins: 5 years old, he wants parents to buy him a violin, the mother does not put his request seriously, crystal box and said he was only give birth to a capricious whim, but he pestered her mother non- should not be. Then let the step father to meet his demands. 30 years later, Mark became the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra first violinist.

    Well-known publisher Bill Norton: grandson to participate in the baseball team, gave him a very precious gift, a child used Norton left field ball glove, it has more than 60 years of history, "I want This gift shows the same strain, generation after generation, and told him that we have common characteristics, are left-handed. as a left-handed, not always successfully, so I wanted to give him a little encouragement, let him understand that we must together. "

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