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Home Tips: How to correctly clean modern lighting

    Shade in different shapes and materials, have different cleaning methods:

     1, crystal customized trophy shade cloth: you can start with a small vacuum cleaner to suck dust on the surface, then pour detergent or detergent furniture only some cloth, replace the cloth while grazing position. If the inside is a paper lampshade materials, direct use of detergents should be avoided to prevent damage.

     2, frosted glass shade: glass with a soft cloth for cleaning, be careful scrub; or scrub with a soft cloth dipped in toothpaste, uneven areas use a soft cloth wrapped handle chopsticks or toothpicks.

     3,crystal award cup resin lamp: available or dedicated fiber duster duster for cleaning. After cleaning, spray should be sprayed with anti-static, because the resin is easy to produce static crystal business gift electricity.

     4, folding shade: with a cotton swab dampened with water to scrub a little bit patient and, if particularly dirty, then, can a neutral detergent.

     5,crystal medal crystal beaded lampshade: exquisite workmanship, clean and very troublesome. If the shade is made of crystal beads and metal, can be directly with a neutral detergent.crystal model truck After cleaning, wipe the surface of the water, let it dry. If the crystal bead is put on the line, it is best not to line wet, use a soft cloth moistened with neutral detergent scrub. Metal holder on the dirt, dust, wipe the surface first, then squeeze a little toothpaste on the cloth to scrub.

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