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Lycra socks 2012 release trends and innovative products

   September 5, INVISTA's LYCRA ? (Lycra ?) fiber brand held Invista "INSHOW" cum hosiery trends 2012 conference, and launched a series of innovative products crystal car model and forward-looking solutions. Theme around the "socks. Charm," the conference, from the classical lines and bold eye-catching color combinations debut, the interpretation of different styles and avant-garde style legs, opens the 2011-2012 fall and winter socks fashion Password .

    Over the past few quarters, the major fashion show, socks have become the people can not ignore the fashion landscape, with its simple and easy to ride andcrystal diamond keychain the finishing touch of color effects, a trend of people chasing the must-have item. LYCRA ? (Lycra ?) fiber brand, with its keen insight, innovative fiber products and will show both high fashion and high street trend of integration, not only to ensure the socks of the type lasting, durable wear, bright colors,LED crystal keychain while providing wearer comfort and the best fit of. Thanks LYCRA ? (Lycra ?) fiber, LYCRA ? Fusion fiber, LYCRA ? 3D stockings, YCRA ? LegCare stockings and a series of innovative technologies and product applications, socks supporting role in this field of fashion past, and now increasingly perfect function and aesthetics, to bring new fashion craze opportunity.

    LYCRA ? (Lycra ?)crystal ship model fiber brand socks 2012 released eight style trends:

    "INSHOW" fashion of the - original romantic style

    Socks pattern hollow, as lace, soft pink tone to the main, with nude colors, lavender and white with a shadow effect, showing pleasant, romantic classical style. crystal cooperate trophy The appearance of a powdery, matte texture, but soft in the use of LYCRA ? SoftComfort fiber waist. Both extremely soft to the touch, and have a stable fit the character.

    "INSHOW" crystal customized trophy fashion of - the natural vibrations of

    Color inspiration from the natural and earth tone brown, dark green forests and stone gray color. Emphasis on comfort and natural elegance of the establishment of socks, warm socks and knee-high stockings, with coarse, organic patterns. Stress, such as cotton-like soft touch, combined with LYCRA ? T400 fiber characteristics, the profile shape to create a comfortable fit.

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