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Home improvement home: Experts chandelier features and options Detailed

     1, the chandelier features

    Chandelier for the living room. Chandelier pattern most commonly used are European-style candelabra chandeliers, Chinese-style chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, parchment chandelier, chandelier style, cone-shaped cover lantern, lantern tip flat hood, waist cover lantern, quin ball chandelier, crystal candle stand lantern magnolia cover, Olive chandelier, etc. Single head for the sub-room chandeliers and long chandelier two, the former used for bedroom, dining room; which should be installed in the living room.crystal plane model Chandelier installation height from the ground to its lowest point should be not less than 2.2 meters.

    ① European candlestick chandelier

    European classical style chandeliers, candlesticks inspired by the ancient people's way of lighting, when people are placed on the number of iron hanging crystal building model candle. Now a lot of chandeliers designed to such a style, but the candles into the bulb, but lamp or lamps and candles and candle holders look.

    ② crystalcrystal pen set chandelier

    There are several types of crystal light: natural crystal cutting and grinding style chandeliers, heavy lead crystal chandelier blow, blow low lead crystal souvenirs crystal chandelier; crystal glass mid-range style chandeliers, crystal pendant chandelier, chandelier crystal glass die cut shape, crystal glass of chandeliers, etc.

    Crystal Light on the market today are mostly made by the crystal, but crystal material used is different from good quality crystal lamps are made from high-tech materials, and some shoddy plastic crystal lamps and even act as crystal materials, poor natural lighting effects. Therefore,crystal bottle stopper the purchase must be carefully compared carefully identified.

    ③ crystal pyramids Chinese chandelier

    Form of Chinese classical chandeliers, bright and neat, suitable for installation in the lobby area. In the entrance, a bright light gives a warm and pleasant sense of atmosphere, and Chinese patterns will tell guests that publicity impetuous, this is a traditional family. Note that:crystal horses the lamp size, style and living room should be supporting. Also, if you want to highlight the screen and accessories, you need to add lighting.

    ④ stylecrystal gift baby chandelier

    Most people may not want to fitting into the European classical style, modern style chandeliers are often more popular. Currently on the market with a modern chandelier the number of models for the selection of the room is very large, all lines can be selected.

    2, the choice of chandeliers

    Consumers crystal gift clock choose the best to install energy-efficient light source lamp. Do not choose a plating layer of the chandeliers, a long time because the plating layer easily fade. Choose all-metal and glass and other materials inside and outside the same chandelier.

    Consumers crystal gift decoration do not choose too cheap chandeliers. Currently, around $ 200 chandelier to a certain degree of quality assurance, 100 yuan less than the general poor quality chandelier. Luxury duplex apartment for chandeliers general, simple style suitable for general residential low-voltage lanterns. Top grade is the most expensive crystal chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, but very few really, the main selling crystal chandeliers, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, north of sales is small, which the air quality on the North, because the crystal chandelier is not easy to clean up the dust on the .

    Consumers choose the best sub-control switch with chandelier, chandelier lamp so that if more light can be localized.

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