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Alcoa Kawnee innovative curtain wall products by Crystal Achievement Award

     Alcoa Group, today announced that its Clearwall series curtain wall products have been awarded the 2011 Crystal Achievement Award GlassMagazine (CrystalAchievementAward) china crystal ball of the "creative wall design award." This was the fifth time the company Kawneer Series Crystal Achievement Award.

     Crystal Achievement Award aims to encourage distributors, retailers and manufacturers continue to innovate and progress, awarded for the construction crystal ball company of glass technology, production and marketing to make significant achievements in the field of honor vendors. Kawneer previously "the most creative print media" "crystal gifts manufacturer the most innovative integrated marketing plan" and "Creative Website" honors.

     "diamond supplier ;We are honored to once again get GlassMagazine recognition," KimberlyFerro, marketing and product development vice president said in a speech. "Kawneer's Clearwall wallcrystal pendant china series is a unique and flexible, can meet the needs of architectural and design solutions and we are very pleased to be awarded the well-known industry publications Crystal crystal gift supplier Achievement Award."

     To meet the low-rise buildings to enhance the overall visual effect of increasing demand, Kawnee introduced Clearwall wall series, switching sides with the glazed system innovation, break through the traditional techniques of glass fixtures. This product while reducing installation labor, crystal perfume bottle supplier simplifies field logistics, improve security, while providingcrystal craft company excellent visual effects. From its inception, KawneerClearwall series obtained from the glass curtain wall assembly and construction of a good response.

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