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Users interact with the world's first lighting the landmark launch

  Guangzhou, the highest landmark - IFC, what color to wear "night clothes"? Yesterday Guangzhou International Financial Center 441 meters above the ground,LED crystal keychain held a news conference starts "color show in Guangzhou" activities. October 31, the public can every night from 8 pm to 10 pm into the "color show in Guangzhou" activity pages "panic lights", to obtain external walls of buildings in Guangzhou IFC 5-minute control over color, which is the world's first and Internet users interact with landmarks. It is understood that this landmark project in Guangzhou in the formal crystal ship model end of the year-round operation.
  Landmark light color from your set

    Last night,crystal cooperate trophy the Guangzhou International Financial Center (GZIFC) "color show in Guangzhou," large-scale interactive experience activities in its 445 meters of apron was officially launched.

    The campaign will continue until October 31, in the meantime, users can be from 8 am to 10 pm every night into the "color show in Guangzhou"crystal customized trophy campaign website ( to "grab the light", to obtain the Guangzhou International Financial Center Building exterior color control over five minutes.crystal award cup Web users who can select their favorite palette of colors and click pictures of Guangzhou International Financial Center, the Guangzhou International Financialcrystal business gift Center will be synchronized lighting system to respond, building thousands of crystal glass wall lights LED under the same transformation as users expect color. crystal medal Night about 24 "lucky" option favorite color.

    Not only the people outside can see the Guangzhou International Financial Center color changes, sitting beside the computer users can also see crystal model truck the color change of Guangzhou IFC effect, more than one default in the outdoor shooting equipment, exterior building lighting to real-time change image page return activities, crystal truck model changes in the external walls of buildings to light users who participate in activities for broadcast.

    Fully operational by the end of West Tower

    Guangzhou International Financial Center Investments and operators introduced Yuexiu Real Estate Vice President Chen Zhu, the Guangzhou International Financial Center by the time "color show in Guangzhou" event for the first time the exterior lighting color control via the Internet open to the public, to become the world's first a users interaction with the landmarks; also will officially launch the Guangzhou International Financial Center fully operational by the end of the prelude.

    With the Four Seasons Hotel renovation project nearing completion, the Guangzhou International Financial Center will be fully operational by end of this year. IFC's current office rents have reached 300 yuan / square meter, to refresh its previous record of 280 yuan / square meter in Guangzhou rent record.

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