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Choice, absorption, decomposition of harmful gases fiber

  Cornell University researchers have used nanotechnology to develop a kind of integration of organic and metal fibers (MOFs). Selective capture of this collection of fiber dispersion in the air with chemical gases, toxic gases, etc., thus, it can help soldiers avoid through the filter system from harm. crystal pyramids This technology is particularly suitable for long-term exposure to harmful toxic gas environment staff. MOFs are porous mixture of an organic material made of crystal products, its handling of nanotechnology to achieve through user customization, to achieve the purpose of special gas absorption.

    As early as the late 1990s, the University of California Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Omar. Aceh to develop this technology. In 2008,crystal horses the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) with the support of terrorism, School of Human Ecology and clothing fibers scientist Dr. Hu An (Dr.JuanHinestroza) under crystal gift baby the leadership of nano lab at Cornell University to work together to study how to use polymer nanofibers to capture toxic gas and its decomposition experiment,crystal gift clock treatment and disposal, the toxic gases into less toxic substances, prevent or eliminate contamination. As part of this pilot project, fiber scientists, postdoctoral researcher Shalini (MarciaDaSilvaPinto) first developed MOFs fabric.

    Pictured on the integration of the metal organic molecular structure of matter. It can be absorbed by a special nano-technology gas. When this material into fibers, the total valence of the use of fiber surface chemical absorption of harmful gases.

    U.S.crystal gift decoration Department of Defense believes that the investigation of molecular structure with the use of fiber promising, because the fiber itself more easily than other materials,crystal car model substances manufactured filters and clothing. However, nano-powder attached to the fiber is very difficult. Eventually, breakthrough progress in the University of California,crystal diamond keychain they made a scaffolding-like fiber binding material, so that MOFs molecules to buildup on the fabric. The Americans will soon get another breakthrough breakthrough,LED crystal keychain namely the use of nano-factor binding various types of gas. This advantage also lies in the molecular structure of the human gas can be absorbed through the control to grasp the container size, and it's magic also lies in its ability to absorb different types of gases.

    Today, the total valence binding in small fibers, it has a lot of filtration media options, they like a respirator, the use of fiber surface chemistry of the formation of molecular cages. Allegedly, only a few MOFs can be applied to the fabric and produce this magical effect. But while experts believe that as long as you can by way of different kinds of fabric made of a single fiber, can be textile, you can knit, can also be non-woven products. Clothing and other fibrous materials such as fabrics, such as tents, uniforms have been specially processed produce magical results.

    However, this is not all the required experts. According to them, their purpose is to attach the fabric layer mask, apply a layer of MOFs, and then remove the mask, and then attach a second layer of MOFs, until you attach four different MOFs. Experts want to achieve is to first prove the correctness of this concept, then is copy and paste, which can also create several kinds of gases to absorb and break down the fabric.

    They have to use nitrogen, ammonia, methane do safety trials. These gases are similar to mustard gas and other dangerous gases. Finally, they decided to apply this principle is really poison gas for military or organized work environment. Their initial experiments the fiber is cotton, then the polyamide and polyolefin fibers. And they are most interested in experimenting with cellulose fiber, because fiber has a strong chemical flexibility. After two years of experiments, they actually modify the polyolefin and polyamide fibers like cellulose.

    Later, they took advantage of plasma technology to modify the surface of the five nano-fiber layer, to meet the MOF scaffolding requirements, while maintaining the polyolefin and polyamide fiber stretching and reproducibility. They found that, after the integration with MOFs, in addition to color, the cotton material will not change its inherent characteristics.

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