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« Electronic components "second five" plan put in coldChoice, absorption, decomposition of harmful gases fiber »

Ceiling will be the future market competition in favor of soft power

     Integrated ceiling industry hard last year, is integrated ceiling ups and downs of the year, as the industry said, the foundation will be more powerful foot, not a solid foundation may be eliminated. Even in this watershed has become increasingly evident of the year for many companies still novelty ceiling integration plans changed to a massive expansion and changes in the industrial chain, expect a faster rate thancrystal lotus candleholder others with tight encirclement.

    From the end of 2008 to this year, integrated ceiling to expand their production have been common, such as doors made from the original single transitioncrystal candle stand to the production of furniture, decorated from floor to service industries expanded, and some furniture from furniture production extends to the maintenance industry. ..... crystal plane model the business means endless. In the integrated ceiling, to complete the chain extension and integration of the companies tend to gain more active position, stability acrystal building model nd development of corporate profit margins can be effectively guaranteed. So integrated ceiling chain enterprises have sprung up to expand and will become the industry's future development in an important competition law code.

    crystal pen set To open up multiple sub-brands are brands

    Expansion of the industry chain is often the first choice to open sub-brand, integrated ceiling industry in recent years, the multi-brand strategy of enterprises are common. Boloni has completed its Section Po, Boloni, the DPRK will Tellmach and nine multi-brand strategy,crystal souvenirs but also improved the hundred of Oufu Lai and solid wood plate and the brand new Rome, Dekor then established an independent wallpaper brands rainbow, gold lighting up the world's top manufacturer of Swarovski crystals together to create a sub-brand Jindaweisha China ... ... The purpose areas are occupied by larger consumer groups. crystal bottle stopper Some experts said that the implementation of multi-brand strategy can maximize the market share, the implementation of cross-coverage for consumers, and reduce business risk, multi-brand strategy, mostly fast moving consumer goods industry, but along with the home industry matures, quite a strength of the brand started to operate a second or more new brands. Into 2010, the overall market demand still exists and may maintain growth, companies will be in addition to further technological innovation, will also focus on building the industry chain. [PAGE]

    Open up the account for the upstream and downstream industry chain

    "Open chain" is the industry's very keen to discuss a topic. Integrated ceiling across the industry chain to expand in times of economic crisis, some upstream and downstream firms each hold together for warmth, while others are simply kicked suppliers, the self, because if we can integrate the upstream and downstream industry chain two together, you can effectively control costs and improve business viability. And some domestic enterprises to diversify the road, does not really want to make a branding effect, but for strategic extension.

    Traditional manufacturing enterprises to service-oriented business transformation

    Ceiling in the industry through a number of elite integration interview that the industry has been restructuring the business to service-oriented development of the industry as a major future trend. Traditional manufacturing enterprises to service-oriented business transformation, is the industry that is very important to the economic downturn strategy. Before specializing in design and production companies have been gradually explore the middle to consumers, and consumers make direct face to face service, the intention is service competition, making the downturn in the economy and the moment, people are more cautious and sensible for the consumer time, but also enjoy the excellent service from businesses, which maintain the corporate brand and the establishment of consumer word of mouth is helpful. This is even in this business who have to withstand substantial downward pressure on profit profit to consumers, and even increase investment in building a comprehensive service system causes. Thus, integrated ceiling through the economic crisis in this period of time, will be to serve as a fulcrum to achieve the next leap.

    An integrated ceiling mentioned in an interview, general manager, senior community has unified in the major professional team of branding, integrated ceiling free of charge to the consumer electrical maintenance, as long as you buy an integrated ceiling products, can enjoy Integrated ceiling repair and maintenance, this can not only improve product awareness, but also increasingly in the consumer groups have a stable audience.

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