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Electronic components "second five" plan put in cold

   "Association" to reduce the background "gold"

    July 11, Electronic Components Association issued "China's electronic components" second five "plan" (the "Plan"), crystal craft factory this trend has been planning the first half of this year compared to the tangle of electronic components share hope. Unfortunately, due to the broader market fell yesterday, boosted by the news-related stocks did not, meteoric rise to very few have.

    Interview crystal animal supplier with reporters, analysts believe that electronic components "five-second" planning and expectations before the market is not much difference, and Society "plan" as the Government's proposal, the real or effective use of government to develop and release. However, you can see, crystal ashtray factory the next five years, the development direction of the electronic components industry, but its good for the industry, but also words very early.

    crystal wine stopper china New sales of 700 billion the next five years

    Electronic Components Association released under the "plan", the next five years, China's electronic components industry sales totaledcrystal wine stopper manufacturer 1.88 trillion yuan, an average annual growth of 10%. The plan includes an overall planning and 14 industry segments, planning, covering 16 categories of products. The plan, china crystal gift and craft by 2015, China's electronic components industry sales totaled 1.88 trillion yuan, accounting for China's electronic information industry revenues by 20%. Electronics crystal table clock production over 2.8 trillion, crystal square ashtray an average annual increase of 5.7%, 70% of the market to meet domestic demand, electronic components, total exports reached $ 86 billion, average annual growth of 10%.

    Industry, China's electronic component technology is still relatively backward compared to developed countries, many high-end, the key electronic components are dominated by imported products. Critical electronic components to promote the "localization"crystal hanging decoration has become a bottleneck to development of the industry. In this regard, "plan" put forward to improve the key elements important markets products used in things such as high reliability sensors, automotive high-performance electronic components used in broadband networks and other low-cost fiber crystal hanging ornament and optical fiber preform, the same time to achieve a breakthrough in quality and quantity.

    In addition, the plan also said it would continue to promote the strategy for large companies to develop more than 10 years of sales income of more than 100 billion electronic components of large companies, to the "five-second" end of key electronic components for business (sales revenue 100 million yuan of enterprises) in sales industry-wide sales accounted for more than 75% of total revenue. As of the end of 2010, total sales of electronic components industry was 1.1 trillion yuan in added sales for the next five years to reach about 7,000 billion revenue target, "five-second" period to invest about 500 billion yuan, mainly concentrated in the new electronic components of R & D and industrialization of the field.

    Is worth noting that, "planning" also made it clear that other important things to improve key areas of product application components, to the end of 2015, the main application areas are key components to the production of Chinese enterprises, and gradually replace imported products.

    Companies responded very "calm"

    AJ Securities electronic components industry analyst ZHU Zhi-yong said: "" plan "explicitly listed in the next five years focus on developing products and technologies, the more established mobile intelligent terminal or the first half, the electronic components industry growth rate is not too idealistic, but mobile terminal involved in the tablet, smart phone growth rate higher than the industry, the trend of consumption growth is also more evident. "

    ZHU Zhi-yong analysis, because the "plan" is not government-set, so its influence is limited, so yesterday the concept of electronic components stock and did not rise. "Growth of more established mobile intelligent terminals, the corresponding company LEYBOLD Tech, long letter Technology, Europe-light, etc., but this is still higher than a few stock market to accept the current valuation range, therefore, have soared in the short term opportunities is relatively small. "

    Reporters call long letter technology, its securities on behalf of Xu Lei said: "not aware of this" plan ", so now can not utter, the impact, if the plan is an industry that can only be said that the industry development requirements, impact on the company is not a good judge. "

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