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Skilled Weapon: 16 Unfortunately, remedial renovation

     Sometimes a decoration is not careful, it will bring regret to the entire home. The following is about the regret of the remedy.

    Unfortunately Location: bedroom

    Unfortunately, china crystal ball 1: no air holes to play in advance

    Sorry about: decoration are catching up with winter, so it thought fight air hole, wait until the summer when air conditioning is now fighting to security holes. crystal ball company When a diamond can punch up the bedroom walls painted face into something big, very ugly.

    Unfortunately crystal gifts manufacturer remedy: As the air holes need to use the diamond to play, will dirty walls, the decoration is best placed to consider a good air conditioning and suspension height, diamond supplier if you decide to use air conditioning, preferably before scraping white air holes to play good.

    Unfortunately 2: Power by poor

    Sorry about: crystal pendant china bedroom layout without accurate measurement, but less visual moment, took the position to determine the power outlet. Results of the computer desk to buy a home only to crystal gift supplier find the position of the legs just crystal perfume bottle supplier blocking the outlet position, crystal craft company with no option but to replace the insert row, out go the open air.

    Unfortunately remedy: bedroom outlet in arranging the location, you should as accurately as possible the size of the furniture to be placed to provide to the master electrician. In addition, the premise does not affect the appearance, as much as possible set aside a few electrical outlets, will sooner or later need them.

    Unfortunately crystal craft factory , 3: dome light did not make dual control of

    Sorry about: I heard that six months after the decoration, dome light can be controlled double-double, a door switch, a switch beside the bed, lying in bed this winter, save up and lights up again.

    Unfortunately remedy: the process of renovation and more the master of communication with friends and workers, find their own home renovation program. If you do not double-controlled lights, dome light can be installed on the controller, the dome light into a remote control, the same effect can be achieved double control.

    Unfortunately, 4: no geothermal ground leveling backfill

    Sorry about: decoration bedroom to change their own geothermal, can be when there is no leveling in the backfill, resulting in uneven ground, the larger the level difference. Although not see anything wrong with the naked eye, can be ground is very bad quality, seriously affecting the floor of the pavement, which calls for re-leveling the ground.

    Unfortunately remedy: geothermal backfill must be present when the owners, on-site supervision and workers on the ground leveling, backfilling done more level ground, laying the floor easier. Otherwise, after flowing through the equal method of leveling is not only costly and complex process.


    Unfortunately Location: Living Room

    Unfortunately, 5: entry door size is not to stay more than copies of

    Sorry about: the original installation of two doors into the family living room, only to consider the thickness of the floor, did not consider the problem of the thickness of mats. The result is almost nothing more than the floor after Puwan copies. Had wanted to put in into a beautiful door mats, it seems can not be achieved.

    Unfortunately remedy: When installing the door, be sure to give full consideration to the floor, floor tiles, mats of thickness, leaving more than copies in advance.

    Unfortunately, 6: wall socket wall did not allow

    Sorry about: TV backdrop decoration, patronize see the overall effect, ignoring the fact with the function, set aside the results of forgotten TV wall outlet. No way, it can only be placed in TV LCD TV cabinet, I feel very depressed. If you hang up you have to take the open air, ugly.

    Unfortunately remedy: If the home owner to use the LCD TV, be sure to set aside a wall in the background wall power outlet. If the TV cabinet is the standard height, even if the TV on a TV cabinet, it can block the wall socket, will not affect the appearance.

    Unfortunately, 7: background decorative painting to stay small spacing

    Regret about: Living room decoration to hang decorative painting the background, after buying the sofa. Decorative painting size is 0.6m × 0.6m, four were hung, each piece of the spacing of 0.4m, the total length of 3.6m. That was very beautiful when hung, 4.2m long can be put on the sofa a decorative painting becomes too small, then larger if the distance just fine.

    Unfortunately remedies: hanging background in decorative painting, be sure to determine the length of the living room and sofa sizes, considering these factors before deciding the size of the spacing of decorative painting. Otherwise, rework, then the wall would leave a nail holes.

    Unfortunately, 8: keel hit the ceiling chandelier did not consider

    Sorry about: the living room ceiling, did not think too much, nor how to communicate on their own operation is completed entirely by wood. Problem results when a security light, buy crystal chandeliers can not actually safe, the workers said the master was not aware of safety and crystal lamps, ceiling inside the keel so very simple to play, simply can not carry the weight of crystal chandeliers.

    Unfortunately remedy: If you want to install lights in the ceiling, the ceiling must be involved in the design of the structure to go back, can not be given a free hand by the carpentry, woodworking do not know the future of lighting design, inappropriate if the underlying skeleton, mounted lights will affect the future.

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