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Konka LED40IS97N TV allows you to quickly understand life

    With the smart TV's hot, can immediately understand the advice, weather forecasts and other functions to see more and more all the TV attention. This small series is recommended for everyone you want a 40 inch Konka television network, crystal trophy which not only has a rich network functionality, but also the use of more environmentally friendly hard-IPS screen, very good, oh, and quickly and see it.

     Konka LED40IS97NLED Network TV

     Price: 3886 yuan

     crystal gifts Konka Konka LED40IS97NLED network TV is the launch of a major hard-IPS screen LED TV, features more complete, now offer only 3886 yuan, very cheap, like a friend to go look at the mall.

   Appearance, crystal laser Konka LED40IS97NLED network television using a very stylish atmosphere, design, artistic sense and good taste are displayed, crystal products crystal frame design also allows air television is full of dream. The television appearance of the red sensor button design is the most mysterious of special design, even with your living room will be more of a sense of mystery.
   Function, Konka Konka LED40IS97NLED network TV is sharp second-generation network products in mainstream products,china crystal using IPS screen in terms of picture quality it has a very good performance, sharpness, contrast is very high, maximum restore the true color screen.
    Of course,crystal box IPS screen, the use of hard-meaning more than that, it sets more environmentally friendly and energy saving advantages of a keen environmental friends to seriously consider friends.

     In addition, Konka LED40IS97NLED network television is also equipped with a special video synchronization, in addition to the daily television viewing can also learn outside the immediate consultation, Konka specially designed for this purpose a one-touch button, very easy to use.

    Of course, network TV Konka LED40IS97NLED interface settings are also very rich. Network Interface, HDMI, component inputs, AV port, USB interface, and many other practical interface easily be able to meet the user's daily needs.

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