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Suzhou (China) Wedding City will soon open on September 19

  Ben Wang reporter was informed yesterday, Suzhou (China) Wedding City will be September 19 grand opening, it is understood, Suzhou (China) wedding in the city of Suzhou City, the specific location in North Street and Yun Qi Yuan Road junction, near the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and Yangcheng Lake Avenuecrystal hanging decoration , in the city center with lots. Suzhou (China) City building area of ??73,000 square meters wedding, to create a one-stop Wedding Expo Center, 300,000 square meters and more in the planning blueprint for the joy of being. A construction of the market can accommodate one to the fourth floor shop close to 500 businesses, crystal hanging ornament have a more comprehensive accessibility of parking facilities and a large area for consumers.

    Background and Advantages:

Suzhou is located in the Yangtze Rivercrystal lotus candleholder Delta economic hinterland, from the southern highlands mode to foreign investment in China's most dynamic economic center, distribution center in Suzhou wedding. More than twenty crystal candle stand years of experience make it famous and prestigious in the country and the world.

    2, crystal plane model strong cultural atmosphere: East Watertown Paradise Suzhou, Suzhou is the cradle of Wu culture and synthesizer, is also an important birthplace of Chinese civilization,crystal building model is a well-developed traditional culture, history and profound, beautiful picturesque landscape, the beauty of both the gardens, but also There are landscapes of the victory,crystal pen set the natural human landscape each other, called a paradise on earth.

  3, well-developed transportation: Suzhou (China) Yuan and Tong wedding ranked city core, with close to City Road, to the entrance of Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed high-speed flight Sujia only two kilometers. Adjacent to the bus transfer center in Suzhou, the Suzhou railway station, bus station, seamless Metro Line, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail inter-city station with the city will further enhance the completion of radiation, crystal souvenirs excellent road grid Bureau, developed and convenient transportation.

    4, crystal bottle stopper design orientation: with the project operating characteristics and general location, Suzhou (China) wedding city in the government-led, market operation mode of operation,crystal pyramids inviting internationally renowned brands, the same stage debut, won the wedding dress, photography, wedding, home , jewelry and other related industries to create feature-rich Chinese industry, themes, scene experience, style, highlighting the large commercial plaza.

    a. feature-rich: the shopping and leisure, image display, scene experience, store, flagship stores, shops and other commercial functions in the main blend into one, creating functional living room into the city.

    b. many themes: many themes interspersed with equal emphasis in the overall space to create a more continuous visual highlight and promote the formation of multiple business segments around the center of shops, increased recognition of the blocks, reduce fatigue and business blind.

    c. scene experience: through product demonstrations, public art space for dialogue and the formation of multi-layer interaction. In the space vision, hearing, touch, and feel the full mobilization of the customer experience, strengthen the business environment, products and customers the close ties between the three.

    d. style stand out: the use of cross-design approach, the image of the graphic design and combination of space, modern elements and traditional culture combine to create long-lasting and dynamic display space combined to create new, sleek new commercial space to attract all ages, all levels of consumer groups gathered here, linger, enjoy the experience.

    5 design themes: Butterflies, drawing back the spring and late Court, Flying Swallow, Liu soft peach light. Du Yi Langan mood disorder, herb Qian Mian, Shang Yi Jiangnan shore. Here you can savor the atmosphere of luxury, fashion, taste, distinguished enjoy, you can enjoy the beautiful wedding, beautiful make-up, precious jewelry. You can experience the love of sweet, romantic wedding, the warmth of life, the essence of cypress home, gather in a Great, pass the credibility on the world.

    6 design concept: the design of the poetic mood to describe the wonderful space, full of endless charm Butterflies, triggering the viewer's imagination poetic, full of fun and style to create a romantic space. Through the butterfly and flower shapes, colors, materials, lighting, pattern of abstract composition, and diversity and home to create a soft and warm atmosphere. With distinctive details of the design, giving a new experience.

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