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Laminate flooring breakthroughs in diverse fashion trends

    China's flooring industry is accompanied by the national economy, the real estate industry continues to heat up and bring a strong consumer market and developed each year to maintain laminate flooring alarming rate of 20-30%, gave birth to a number of excellent flooring brands establish and improve a quality product with Chinese characteristics, the standard system, while the flooring industry, there are also many issues: crystal craft company such as product quality varies greatly, many small scale duplication, production, backward technology, and three non-counterfeit products still exist , business process, the vicious price competition, service is not in place and other issues affecting the industry's healthy development.

    With China's accession to the WTO and the world to speed up the process of economic integration and deepening of the floor enterprises will face more intense the challenge of how to break through these bottlenecks on the floor of the constraints of industrial development of the industry,crystal craft factory flooring manufacturers became the urgent need to study and resolve issues . Laminate flooring under the current development trends and characteristics we believe that severalcrystal animal supplier aspects of flooring manufacturers an important part of the development can not be ignored.

    Health and Environmental Protection, timeless brand selling point

    Economic development, crystal ashtray factory civilization and progress, people's most basic needs have been met, according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, when people's basic living requirements are met,crystal wine stopper china the direction will be to a higher level, where security needs are psychological needs of higher performance, consumers will become very great importance to the survival of their surrounding environment, more and more concerned about personal health and safety, the floor as part of home life, health and safety mustcrystal wine stopper manufacturer be guaranteed, the real, healthy and environmentally friendly green flooring always in the market will be popular, although many brands now have this branding selling point. china crystal gift and craft World and National Inspection-free products as a floor, always concerned about the health quality of the floor, the 'health worry' as a fundamental value of the brand development, crystal table clock production always adhere to people-centered, attention to environmental protection and human safety and health, the full implementation of strict quality control system, including professional product selection, process design, production supervision, factory inspection, floor-related accessories, accessories,crystal square ashtray environmental protection and health, single-site installation and inspection, make available to the 'home', always a green and perfect.

    Fashion trend of product development, diversification, personalization

    As living standards improve, the corresponding consumption requirements are becoming more and more, fashion, individuality, diversity is the floor of the mainstream of the times, the world's advanced production technology and the floor, R & D ability, product diversified trend, classic V-groove series, super wear-resistant molded series, Maidstone and president of the wood composite series, high-valued wood series have been recognized in the market. Meanwhile, the World and the floor with Beijing, Wuhan, two production and processing base, not only logistics robust and fast, timely resources, information sharing, and the kinds of goods and complete, including almost all the laminate flooring market specifications; the face of multi-floor trend, the World and developed waterproof, quiet, geothermal and other functions of the floor; in individual choice, the World and the floor of the world home decoration fashion introduced into the production floor, the floor has a variety of unique styles color, whether it is wood surface, crystal surface, diamond surface, a pretty face, natural relief surface, or retro-style, warm and romantic, simple and stylish, the world and can choose to meet your individual needs. These competitive advantages not only over the floor to meet the market trends, but also for the world and the floor to achieve the northern region's largest integrated production base floor to provide a strong support business goals.

    Service is not an empty slogan, the service is not only a commitment to service is a brand concept of sublimation, the service also need to implement to real action. Are semi-finished wood flooring, wood flooring service has always been a core element of market competition, some of today's brand promise to consumers, businesses and services, the actual process of service quality is not satisfactory.

    World attention and the floor has been building the brand of service and innovation, through the enhanced level of service protection, authoritative, commitment and service before, during, after-sales service model tracking the success of promoting the sales floor, improved brand in the market the visibility and reputation, virtually brand value further sublimation.

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