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Alternative hand-painted wedding sought after romantic Taiyuan

   Wedding entertainment also

    September 12 morning,china crystal ball the reporter Liu Xiang, Taiyuan City, a large mall in the corner to see the third floor, wall, counter are filled with a variety of hand-painted wedding photos. There are wedding photo invitations, table cards, picture frames, crystal swing sets, paintings, couple cups of different styles of product styles. Actor such as exaggerated cartoon pictures, funny way of drawing finished, very comic effect. Man's head long "horns", the woman who long "wings" in the painter's creative, the wedding has apparently broken the traditional concepts and impressions of crystal ball company people in the compulsory exercise. Some wedding also offers a "'s show" features, the time span to the 1950s and 1960s.

    In just ten minutes, the reporter saw an endless stream of customers come to the consultation. A young couple came hand in hand, immediately these creative, crystal gifts manufacturer novelty wedding attracted. "Look at the two men to the wedding turned into like this, is simply too much fun, we also produced a few such as wedding, some very personal.diamond supplier " While pointing to a young women dream wedding while Crystal said. "Look, this is not my friend's photos? Original wedding of her personality is made here ah."crystal pendant china At this time, three young women came, one of them shouted in surprise.

    The pioneercrystal gift supplier of the art ultra-Cao said to reporters: "Marriage is a happy thing originally, happy is the most important. The daily pressures of work and life a little something to make people happy. The traditional wedding has a compulsory exercise, performance force some rigid, so I think the wedding also needs to improvecrystal perfume bottle supplier , to be injected into the entertainment elements to make it more imagination and comic effect, we strive to make every piece of work can get the customer's approval, to win everyone's Kaihuaiyixiao This is our true artistic pursuit. "

   crystal craft company He further explained that: This art techniques and traditional wedding is different from the customer to provide photos, choose a good template, complete the picture painted by the artist's preliminary design, and then, after passing the examination by the customer, and finally into the finished product processing. His current shop is the first to play the main character of hand-painted personalized shop, combined with illustration sketch the way, the figures show vividly, not only full of fun, quite realistic sketch, and hand-painted cheeks, very out of character level sense, this is a traditional wedding can not be compared, so very popular. In Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other places have partners.

    Into a new favorite wedding will take time

    For this new emergence of the wedding, Taiyuan people in the end it is with what kind of mind? Interview, the reporter found that many people just out of curiosity, after detailed consultation to see if they would consider making this wedding. "Normal, after all, is a new thing, it is certainly acceptable from a recognized process." In this regard, Cao showed a super-confident.

    When a reporter asked what inspired his reasons for inspiration, Cao said, the child he studied painting, after graduating from college has a number of large companies in the Shenzhen office and some success. Two years ago, when he was invited to be a star painted wedding, when he gave into comedy after the wedding, was praised by the other party, which strengthened his creation after the road. "I am Taiyuan people, so I want to dedicate their skills to their home first." In June, he opened the store, there is a dedicated production team. Although business is far from popular, but the turnover has shown a rising trend. In order to allow more people to share and enjoy his early creations, he has this new product through the shop, network and other channels for marketing, customer only has to provide the imagination, the artist will be required to complete the creation according to the customer, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

    "Currently, we have more than 200 templates available for customer pick and choose, this year we are going to achieve 500 to 800 template creation, then the customer will be more room available." Cao said, the present, Taiyuan has There are several wedding photo studio and businesses to discuss cooperation matters with him, he believed that hand-painted wedding in the future every family is not a dream.

    Reporters found that the Internet, hand-painted by the Caochao Deng who made the wedding due to quality and good service, was praised by many users. Friends' fun Pursuit ", said:" It is good stuff, the seller, super, fine design was particularly beautiful. "Users" peach contemplates ", said:" very nice, very image. Received a gift quite like . "users" liangyihaiou "said:" good seller. very good, to draw too realistic, exaggerated just place. highlights our ideas, great! "

    However, Cao super worried about that is that his cash-strapped or constraints to further expand the scale of the development of the "bottleneck": "In Shenzhen, a personal start their own businesses, the local government to provide for reduction in rent and other incentives for three years Now, I only belong to the initial stage of business, government and related departments need strong support, for example, can also rent, taxes, etc. to provide support and offer our own independent technical support, I believe the industry will become Taiyuan City, all kinds of home improvement show, wedding show in the new favorite. "

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