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The Mid-Autumn festival buying machine more of preferential which cut prices refrigerator?

Traditional Christmas has been the major businesses of the important time, see PK Mid-Autumn festival will come, the stores to reviving the frenzy promotion. As China's annual traditional folk festival, we are waiting for "partings" beautiful moment of family reunion, harvest happiness joy and, crystal cooperate trophy at the same time, don't forget to warm the small change in time home appliance oh. The Mid-Autumn festival is also a good time to shopping, you might as well take this chance to the coveted already a long time of refrigerator laid a hand on him, will get a lot of benefits. Below is a bold prediction, small make up a few of the larger cut prices to open the refrigerator, hope to provide you Suggestions.

Product name: KA63DV00TI Siemens refrigerators

As is known to all, refrigerator storage space, all kinds of keeping food fresh detail classification for air, temperature, humidity each have precise requirements.crystal customized trophy The elite of chengde Siemens technology, creating double independent intellectual cold platform, will cycle to open the refrigerator fresh performance into a brand-new realm, top quality and front edge preservation European fashion design, for modern technology reinventing model. New life

KA63DV00TI Siemens refrigerators crystal award cup with contracted Europe type shape design, reveal the interior design of Europe land wind model with unique features.


Two-cycle independent temperature control,crystal business gift and enjoy the fresh taste. High efficiency compressor, effective energy saving frequency. Many design, bring DuoWei fresh draught.

LG refrigerator door C247DGN GR-with ice device,crystal medal which is convenient for operation, and save the space, a design more reasonable.


Product name: card gaza emperor refrigerator BCD-580 WBCRK

White as a joker colorcrystal model truck , always can reveal a kind of extremely brief art taste. White is also the most beautiful Italian fashion with a scenery, let us as if place oneself in Italy "heaven"crystal truck model small town.


Card gaza emperor refrigerator BCD-580 WBCRK white crystal panel bead light elegant temperament, the design of word float or sink like crystal ES sign star sparkling radiance on the glass and a little ripple, let you a marvel, farsightedness is regret, let time still pure as new. Crystal is the honor and the symbol of purity, have such a refrigerator, for your room increased sparkling radiance, to bring you good mood.

White glass and highlight the collocation of stainless steel, reflected not only select material true material anticipates, keep improving, and highlight the product superb technology and excellent quality. No frame design, concise and easy. The fast pace of life make people more and more like simple way of life, extremely brief products designed to bring pleasing feel.


The refrigerator is generally located in the space is relatively narrow restaurant or kitchen, the machine USES vertical dark handle design, to bring you more extensive activity space. Glass mirror LCD display screen and invisible design, improve the refrigerator harmonious degree, fashionable appearance light touching the key, easy to operate. Touch buttons long life expectancy, also easy to clean, let you with light float, enjoy relaxing kitchen life.


And with wide door luxury station design, have no boundary, more beautiful, and the overall visual can accommodate more wine to drink. Light touching bar switch, users can easily remove wine and enjoy. Like to drink wine friend can also be a bar in the simple modulation, very have fashionable feeling, and art style life from now on.

Ice system on the door, can on space without, the ice machine part can be removed, increase the freezer. Available volume Cold storage internal water supply systems, and mineral water ice, ice pure, good tasting. Overall stainless steel arc take ice, grinding, polishing a low-key costly. A key to the control system, the whole ice, crushed ice, ice water mix, a key choice can be realized. Built-in water, can guarantee the three days of ice quantity demand. There is no external water pipe, water pump, and domestic outfit collocation whole is more beautiful.

Cold storage internal storage way clear, the wind crossing a classification of VC, and also has a fresh module on clamshell cheese box, use the egg box, independent cooked ShiHe, but push-pull flip rack, independent fruit and vegetable box, light waves GaoBaoXian fruit and vegetable box and multi-function become greenhouse. Cold storage space and open indoor drawer layer wearing ratio of 1:1, realize the drawer and layer wearing perfect combination.


Cold storage special egg box, multi-function design upper lid is eggs frame, the lower cover cover is simple and easy seal box, is a short-term deposit drug, a good place for cosmetics, etc.

The unique but push-pull flip rack, need amplification item, don't open take rack then not convenient, just need to "push through", can satisfy your demand of preservation of.......

This machine has VC induction technology, top for preservation of fresh in the cold wind of VC under the effect of rapid, evenly distributed in cold storage, to do a mask, fruits and vegetables increased surface humidity, continue fresh taste.

Haier refrigerator cold storage has 007 four POTS variable temperature, can according to deposit drawer food choices, such as meat files (7 ℃), fish-documents (3 ℃ ~ 0 ℃-fruit files (3 ℃), vegetables files (5 ℃), different food in the most suitable temperature preservation, food taste better. Change is independent of the refrigeration space greenhouse, need not return can separate closed.

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