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Pregnant women of feng shui taboo your baby notes to healthy growth

There is the said: a few days ago, the author should a guest invited to his new purchase, the house. House of Lord wife just was pregnant, and to the author in feng shui layout consult on what needs attention, the feng shui layout can his wife to the health?

The author to watch the house structure of the hall, a narrower rectangle. Rectangle in fengshui is Lord Yin form of Mrs. Lord, for home was pregnant, and the body more weak sun be crystal pyramids the spirit of the time, this pattern to the health have certain negative impact. And residential hall is belong to the positive space, should show a square pattern to appropriate, the so-called "nature round place" this is geomantic learn the natural environment, the hall of the square structure rule is YangZhai pattern, in the pattern of the sun be the spirit can show, therefore, the author suggest curtilage the Lord the color of thecrystal horses floor tile divided into two kinds, thus in the perspective of narrow rectangle that hall, into two smaller square.

In the hall of the northeast and suggested that hung on the wall a red "f" word figure. In the book in the northeast for the youngest hexagrams gossip northeastcrystal gift baby five line of party, the soil, suspension red "fu" character map to the element of fire flourishing the orientation of the rustic, and "fu" character is the significance of the blessings of tianlun vacation, so can add brought home of peace health. In the book of the hexagrams gossip girl party is the west against the hexagrams, the west five line of gold in the west end of the hall, put fu lu shou samsung ceramic like, crystal gift clock to enhance soil infant daughter of five line diagram party gold, thereby to increase the strength of the peace of who shipped.

1, put mascot:

For example own zodiac animals,crystal gift decoration beeswax, jade, crystal, glass, modelling to fruity, blunt, and often visualisation; Do not put the sword, flute, toad, lion, kirin, and modelling strange place adorn. If lucky position can't put things in the right position, the screen above can hang the mascot.

2, may not be shoulder hand crystal car model is lifted up otherwise easy to abortion?

Depending on the individual constitution and have different situation, if have the family of miscarriages, will be more careful. If the constitution is faint of heart, crystal diamond keychain can consult physicians first, how to use to care for himself, strengthen medical treatment method constitution; In addition, also can ask some Ann tyres, LED crystal keychain more operator and the invisible protection.

Three, can't shoot pregnant women shoulder?

Folk statement, man has three fire, the biggest one in the head, two small fire in the shoulder; If a person who suddenly made shoulder, will be really surprised, yuan god instability. If their own constitution and weak of words, more likely to attend to the fetus, light is not the status of the hemorrhage occurs,crystal ship model heavy then can cause miscarriage, so people in pregnant women, don't do the best attitude attention irritating or large action.

4, the sitting room should avoid hang the picture of the beast?


As the case may be. If the picture in pregnancy before they have put in the sitting room, they don't need to move it, but after getting pregnant, had better not just installed the new pictures, because it will be used to nail, afraid of breaking to tire, if god must frame pictures, suggest or next to see the orientation of the womb, the picture to god to text and feng shui painting is given priority to, help to pregnant women relax the mood, make a better prenatal education quality.

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