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2011 China art glass industry development trend

In recent years, the domestic art glass industry is developing rapidly, art glass from the original enterprise coastal open city to inland city blossom everywhere, represents a city such as guangzhou, shenzhen, Shanghai, and hangzhou. Art glass industry development scale as the snowball rolling roll, the greatercrystal square ashtray the art glass enterprise have mushroomed. Every year as Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other related glass industry all over the exhibition held for the art glass industry wide range promotion spread constantly send force, art glass industry growing influence.

People to art glass know after two important stages, began, art glass product manufacturing is very limited the number of. So they live with more is a flat glass, as time passes they think art glass is flat glass. And domestic haven't "art glass" view and concept. Can't be denied to the art glass and glass products,crystal hanging decoration it is not difficult to understand, but simply will art glass collectively referred to as flat glass, this is not science is also not reasonable. Because art glass with the general flat glass is obviously different art glass processing, is different from the simple glass processing, so can't will art glass crystal hanging ornament and flat glass confuse STH with STH else.crystal lotus candleholder Afterwards because glass machinerycrystal candle stand crystal plane model is more and more advanced, the number of making art glass is more and more big, the people in life come into contact with art glass products more and more, so they from the ambiguity to current recognized and accepted, people in the household space adornment art glass awareness of has been improved greatly. crystal building model Because glass machinery manufacturing products have a certain limitation, machinery manufacturing product value can not compare with of finished product manual, but handmade products and in a short time can not be realized in mass production. The new observation (think: glass

1, art glass processing difficulty and complicated further than the flat glass; Generally speaking, we see in daily flat glass, all without any artistic way, just pass the processing of simple cutting, drilling, play sand or polishing treatment; And art glass from the earlier creative conception, including graphic design,crystal pen set the choice of materials, crystal souvenirs including DuoZhong technology application and the collocation of color, and so on, the machining process is more tedious, general glass factory workers can't do the job.

2, the threshold of the art glass than flat glass; Plate glass industry, ordinary people can quickly get to, general glass processing technology can quickly grasp, relative art glass is concerned, flat glass processing way it is quite simple, and easy to use, but in art glass industry, a process technician forcrystal bottle stopper , art glass technology and it, in essence yi art glass industry within, no 3-5 years of strength, it will be difficult to create good art glass product, in art glass industry can do to the overall development of technology talents little little.

3, art glass commercial value far beyond the ordinary flat glass; On the market in sales flat glass price per square of RMB 100 yuan, and after within professional and technical personnel and the idea of originality, multi-channel process in glass after art glass, the sale price of every square can reach 500 1000 yuan, and even higher prices.

4, art glass can be collection, and flat glass can't; Art glass belong to art and technology with the luxury goods, perfect art glass has high value of collection, and flat glass with only general function, and art glass besides function, but also the collection of the value of the possible. As people to the deep understanding of the art glass, art glass collection hot will also followed-this is something of the morning and evening.

In living in adornment, art glass widely used. Interior space inside, art glass can do TV setting wall, porch, move the door, tea table, adornment, screen, waist line, protect horn, etc. Because in the space art glass, more outstanding performance art glass has begun to enter common homes.

China art glass industry in the development to have the outstanding characteristic in nearly two years, through the glass to art glass new observation of the monitoring of the market that, as the art glass industry in the few years of accumulation and precipitation, China art glass industry development started to present diversified development trend.

A, 2011 art glass industry development is rapid, glass enterprise marketing strategy cooperation, transformed, complementary advantages, is art glass enterprise steady development shortcut;

In 2011, the art glass industry within most glass enterprise found at home and abroad, art glass market is not a single enterprise to manage, because domestic art glass market capacity, artistic glass huge in the economic developed a line city has always been good sales, two 3 class market sales prospects do not underestimate. Home also is not only by a technology enterprise can easily occupied, because art glass market is the glass industry circle of the market.

At present domestic art glass enterprise management way appear three characteristics: a, large and medium-sized enterprises do chain; The national investment promotion, channels with one, two, three market. B, small enterprise to the regional market; Point to an area, the product sales range limited to within the province. C, the mix of peripheral small market processing shop; Simple processing is given priority to, for local people and service, the market small little.

In short in art glass between enterprise, to fast in the domestic market has a place, powerful combination advantage complementary is undoubtedly a suitable for enterprises to the best.

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