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« Ideal is plump reality is LED by brutal market needs to be enhanced 2011 China art glass industry development trend »

Observation: add cent for competition China's gift industry change across borders

According to not complete count, 2010, shenzhen craft gift enterprise over 3000 employees, has over 300000, annual output value 44.67 billion yuan, industry export $3.38 billion.crystal craft factory In domestic market, its metal process gifts, Christmas gift, household gift table, electronic arts and crafts, gifts and other products promotion of sales are occupies the national first place.

By means of the superior geographical position adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao and developed information, from "three to a" to "innovation", crystal animal supplier shenzhen special zone always lead the craft gift trend, this not only gave birth to a large number of top producers and distributors, also let related shenzhen gift show to become the country in the asia-pacific trade cooperation center.

October 20 to 23,, "the 19 th China (shenzhen) international toys and gifts exhibition" will be in shenzhen conference and exhibition center stage,crystal ashtray factory China's gift to the no.1 of this exhibition, which hit a record high, in addition to the scale of this autumn open shenzhen conference and exhibition center nine big exhibition hall, but also to enable service hall on the second floor of the first channel for high-quality goods, gathered in exhibit more crystal wine stopper china than 3300 enterprises at home and abroad and ten thousand kinds of fashionable gifts and new products.

Organizers lizhan sinoexpo relevant controller introduces, in shenzhen in said by China light industry association named "Chinese craft gift industry base",crystal wine stopper manufacturer formed from the creative design, manufacture and sales of complete industry chain of settlement, especially in the arts and crafts + technology, handicraft china crystal gift and craft cultural innovation field outstanding performance.

From the shenzhen local famous JinBoYuan exhibitors, who worked with LiuXiaoLingTong cooperation and new products, and the year of the monkey zodiac wolong panda base cooperation national treasure culture, get publicity Olympic torch metal model production, etc, these exclusive right result all benefit from its designers and technical personnel's innovation development ability, and through iso9001 certified international management system. The officials say,crystal table clock "research and development are for the added value of the products and brands add cent, jump out of the vicious circle of the homogeneity and cheap; custom is in order to help customers to solve the problem, make the product and customer values. Want to fit in the gift the red sea to the fore, human resources and cultural concept is winning a magic weapon." core

The association for exhibitors with crystal square ashtray shenzhen science and technology, industry, KangGe jiahong technology, in accordance with the case and household, mostly, cloud stars such as enterprise are as similar feeling, they often have to mull over the interdisciplinary, cross-industry design. Such as palace art and modern craft will the union, the royal appliances to folk, will hang adorn design and tourism, car, house, watches and clocks, industries combined; In material processing design, by single material to the use of the composite material, will alloy materials, metal material and crystal, glass, jade, ceramic, etc. Use a combination.

Independent innovation agitation in shenzhen, the lead of the Yangtze river delta, bohai sea, developed economy and routines of gift enterprise also let flowers blossom, nanjing Thai oath, xiamen, Shanghai in YiLan is, Shanghai bo product, Beijing satisfying Ephraim, zhejiang jie li ya, shandong gold number, Taiwan TangXuan dry such every leading uniting the internal strength, every year except for two th to shenzhen capture the latest market trend also become important required courses. Through the exhibition platform, the enterprise in the field and innovation will be increasingly widen vision.

During the exhibition, the organisers will arrange for peak BBS, experts lectures, TOP100 industry selection, launch, channel fair and so on many activities, convenient the exhibitors and buyers to get. Cooperate with throughout guangzhou, dongguan, foshan and zhongshan city of the pearl river delta, the through train shenzhen gift show is expected to have global buyers and the audience over 130000.

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