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Ideal is plump reality is LED by brutal market needs to be enhanced

Unfortunately, although LED products have obvious in technology of ascension, variety covers the household, business and public utility, and other fields, but mostly in business and public markets, and send force in household on the application, not many companies will want to take effective promotion plan. china crystal ball A attended the exhibition interior designers not hide his disappointment: LED light household shouted how many years, is still "ideal are very plentiful, the reality is crystal ball company cruel,".

Products: household LED light source is complete

From the lighting exhibit on see, almost all of the lighting giant took part in this exhibition, the even LED to the inventor of the GE lighting also unwilling fall behind,crystal gifts manufacturer the first two of new products and bring many efficient lighting solutions. GE lighting asia-pacific President and chief executive officer of BiJianWen told reporters in application, LED on GE has more than 10 years of experience, including indoor and outdoor each domain. GE LED lighting 56 countries in global sales. diamond supplier And this time, suggesting the GE lighting up the pace of into China.

Japan's matsushita, the exhibition is the first exhibition light quality exquisite latest LED lighting lamps and lanterns. Philips, osram, Japan romney, Toshiba also each exhibition can display the LED industry chain, crystal pendant china of the various types of new technology. From the experience of each brand exhibition hall can see, in the field of all kinds of household lamps and lanterns, pendant lamp,crystal gift supplier table lamp, shoot the light, tongdeng, fluorescent lamp, even crystal light source and reading light source, the LED products have already covered everything,crystal perfume bottle supplier all household lighting source.

Technology: LED a breakthrough

The LED on the idea will have a long service life,crystal craft company resistant to vibration performance is very good, use in the car is very good, the LED low voltage, used in the very safe, energy-saving, LED by in long-term light color contrast obvious but less demanding occasion index, was able to do it. But, the LED and not without his faults, light failure too big,crystal craft factory show color index is low and color tolerance of problem is all the household lamps and lanterns Achilles' heel.

From the launch of the new product to see, these problems are solved, although have not get the market test, but the theoretical data has been great breakthrough. GE launched energysmartLEDA19 all light bulbs may truly universal Angle to replace the traditional 40 W incandescent lamp, it has incandescent light bulb and halogen lamp of the same brightness, to the American ENERGYSTAR standards. With only 9 W power will soon provide and the traditional 40 W incandescent lamp of the same lumen output, save 78% of the energy consumption and use life for 25000 hours every day, to light up 3 hours to calculate, sustainable use more than 22 years, is ordinary 40 W incandescent lamp or halogen lamp life, is 25 times that of the standard 8000 hours of fluorescent lamp life for three times each year, save energy and kw /. The more unique is the 270 degree over wide light Angle and protection type heat sink design, can make the light and spread to all round more close to incandescent lamp illume effect, and greatly reduces the light bulb in lighting generated when the surface temperature of the.

Panasonic is introduce a adjustable light type can absorb dome light, LED to the change of external environment, and realize the light sensors adjust the brightness of the dome light, build a user to need atmosphere. Philips display can be in areas of activity (such as a living room, dining area and TV room) the use of LEDSoftGlow lambency ball steep. The light bulb in the moment of the site can build family environment, and can provide unique high quality lighting, when using, won't produce glare, a feel more comfortable.

Romney's PSML series is high brightness LED light source of high heat white, non-ferrous domain wide and high show color sex advantages. The LED canister light built-in romney homemade power supply module, the first through the area light reduce dazzle light and LED flare. Osram DurisE3 meet the uniform illumination of all the needs, color temperature for 3000 K to 6500 K. T8 type of DurisELED and can provide high flux T5, also is the best alternative fluorescent tubes.

Evaluation: market approval to be raised

However, these improvements and didn't receive market acceptance. "If I bought my son a reading lamp of words, I won't buy the LED products." Fudan university electric light source, deputy director of institute of ZhangShanDuan said, unless it is big company from by the international authentication of the products, many in LED light in principle, do not suit to make desk lamp, "LED lamp blu-ray composition is more, not conducive to vision".

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