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Marc Jacobs Resort 2012 Series printing wallpaper

      The series of lively and positive show a sudden change is brought about Jacob. In fact, this is the most popular holiday series, a direction, he is not the only one seems to have the sun carved designer.crystal trophy In order to obtain clothing worn and faded appearance, Jacob and his design team used a wallpaper prints, and fabric on the back with daisy pattern. In an effort to obtain unfettered sense of vitality, they focus on T-shirts crystal gifts and sweatshirts outline, crystal laser in metallic leather or sequins on a decorative laser engraving, to make it luxurious. The same large crystal buttons on the collar and spread, natural stones to decorate the vest-style jumpsuit buttons skirt of his breast,crystal products and accessories are also true, flat sandals decorated with buttons, many seem particularly interesting.
   china crystal In no pencil skirt holiday series, designers to be a 180 degree turn, its autumn and winter series of precise and rigorous converted to comfortable, washable and fade of a single product, with a younger feel.
    Following last season's polka dot craze, the Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs) to spread his ideas to the 2012 holiday series. crystal box He was inspired by the 1960s the wallpaper printing, fabric treatment after exposure to drifting, making it look like the living room wall from the post-war stripped down.

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