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Wenzhou Pingyang Third China Business gifts Festival beckons

    Business gifts production base in China --- Show Overview:

    China Zhejiang Wenzhou Pingyang is an important R & D and production base of the gift, is a rapid economic development of the city; Pingyang gift to further enhance the visibility in the domestic market, and promote China Business gifts base (Pingyang) the further development of business gifts for the building to the main business city of China Light Industry to lay a good foundation, crystal car model the county is organizing the festival business gifts.

    During the festival, will showcase the county's achievements business gifts industry. Number of new products, new technology, new equipment,crystal diamond keychain the latest development of various types on display than 10,000 kinds of business gifts. With the deepening of China's reform and opening up, the increasingly frequent international exchanges, international political, economic, cultural, sports, business, religious activities increasing social LED crystal keychain demand for more and more gifts, gift as a comprehensive industry matures, showing a broad space for development and market prospects. At present, the two become the world's fourth largest gift production and trading power. December 26, 2002, China Light Industry Federation approved Pingyang for "crystal ship model Business in Sapporo said production base." In March 2003, Pingyang tenth party congress to create "China Leather and Plastic gift of all"crystal cooperate trophy strategic objectives, the business gift industry as a key support Pingyang the next few years the industry. In July 2003, the Wenzhou official opening foolproof light industry base, the base line in the core block, an area of ??3.7 square kilometers of the gift fully integrated base construction. crystal customized trophy Pingyang County Association of Business ceremony the same month was set. Currently, Pingyang business gift industry is facing a perfect opportunity.

    crystal award cup Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo and other major international events are Pingyang business gift industry to create unlimited business opportunities.crystal business gift To firmly grasp the opportunity, Pingyang County Commission, the county government attaches great importance to the development of business gifts,crystal medal business gifts formulation development, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" and the 2011 vision and the development of preferential policies to accelerate the development of the industry gifts, business gifts industry as Pingyang third pillar industry, is becoming a whole to speed up industrial restructuring Pingyang,crystal model truck speeding up the overall well-off society of a new economic growth point. As the "China Business gifts production base", Pingyang momentum will be unprecedented heroic efforts to fight the international business Sapporo Pingyang production base. Establish a "Pingyang gift" crystal truck model of the brand.

    Third Business gifts Festival show new products categories:

    1 gift: business gifts, gifts, promotional gifts, sports gifts, stationery and office gifts, Christmas gifts, souvenirs, advertising gifts, gifts of foreign affairs, religious gifts, fashion, gifts, collectibles gifts, holiday gifts, electronic gifts, gifts and toys, watches, packaging products, etc.;

    2, arts and crafts: metal craft, ceramics, jewelry craft, carving sculpture craft, silk craft, resin craft, folk art, handicrafts, wooden handicrafts, rattan products, artificial flowers, beautiful lighting, umbrella bamboo fan Juan, pumping embroidered , embroidery, Bamboo, dyeing clothes, costume props, popular jewelry, jade, platinum (yellow) gold jewelry, natural agate, crystal crafts, etc.;

    3, household products: kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, decorative items, household goods, leisure products, cosmetics, small appliances, massage equipment, bedding, leather bags, decorative ornaments, curtain cloth, etc.

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