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Shilihe Lighting City Lights Building upcoming projects

  This is Shilihe Lighting City long-awaited project, sub-category, the new format, grand scale, can not help but focus the attention. Shilihe Lighting City area will be the original home lighting, light MALL fine museum and the upcoming building project a perfect light, smooth connected together,crystal candle stand the Chinese lighting industry with innovative value Adds a masterpiece, the lighting stores, especially engineering lamp operation to a new level.

    Lighting industry in the country, most of the stores to operate home-based lamps, or household lamps, project lighting both. Some stores even if classified as light to project the relative concentration of the business area, there are also small, chaotic, low status,crystal pen set that iscrystal plane model , small shops, goods placed in chaos, management level is low. And the magnificent crystal chandeliers, stylish, modern light compared to the same level and the level does not seem difficult to compare, with the humble. In fact, project light more and more areas of application, has a great market space. Whether it is side by side the office, bustling supermarkets, the lights in the streets or have been colorful lights decorate the city up the night sky, full of flashing lights project a beautiful posture.

   crystal souvenirs ; Shilihe Lighting City sights and trends in this market space, following the first half of light MALL boutique museum, the masterpiece again and again, heavy attack, through the integration and transform the way the adjacent mall, to build large-scale, advanced facilities, the appearance of beautiful, crystal bottle stopper professional management of the new exhibition center project light. Construction light inside the building will be floor area is divided into commercial office lighting, outdoor lighting and other electrical areas and LED area. By continuing subdivision and specialization category lamps, lamps Shilihe Lighting City lead deeper into the market.

    The currentcrystal pyramids lighting market,crystal horses most lamps sell only a function of the lights in the building Shilihe Lighting City project planning, in addition to the introduction of all the projects well-known brands and businesses outside lights, and KFC, Yoshinoya, Yonghui Supermarket and other famous restaurants, business ultrasound and other entertainment enterprises cooperation is an important step, 20 - 30% of the business area will be used for these ancillary services. crystal gift baby Customers come here to spend not only can buy a variety of favorite lamp, you can also enjoy a variety of food and experience the gaming, spa, beauty, recreation and other leisure facilities so that they are willing to stay here more time to enjoy experiential consumption brings happiness.

   crystal gift clock Following the City Shilihe Lighting the lamp lighting industry MALL format after the introduction of the project lamp provides more space for the building to catering,crystal gift decoration leisure, entertainment and other functions can be expanded and improved, so that the city truly versatile Shilihe lighting lighting professional multi-format Shopping.

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