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"Aohao donkey-hide gelatin" - Peach Ji close contact with the white-collar

   Swept through the capital's office a "pre-" beauty is in full swing, the donkey-hide gelatin peach Ji "discovered that the U.S. - find Peach Lady" since inception on September 5, sparking a great deal of white-collar workers in the capital enthusiasm. Activities three days there is nearly a thousand beautiful white-collar workers upload their photos, and published his "Declaration of beauty." crystal wine stopper china Tens of thousands of users participated in the voting microblogging, "pre-" seems to have become the hottest office proposed new vocabulary.

    It is through such a fashion and younger communication, donkey-hide gelatin is through product innovation and marketing innovation,crystal wine stopper manufacturer and actively expand the audience area, can be described in brand rejuvenation under the foot work. In fact, the donkey-hide gelatin launched the "Peach Ji"china crystal gift and craft gelatin cake when it marked the beginning of its products towards the young target population, "Aohao gelatin" - Ji peach gelatin cake once launched it crystal table clock was welcomed by the young, crystal square ashtray "within the custody, get that beautiful" new beauty "food is still" a young white-collar workers more access to more and more recognition.

    U.S. peach Ji found first intimate contact with the white-collar

   crystal hanging decoration Popular hot spot

    Fast-paced modern life, work pressure, many white-collar women, menstrual disorders, often, his face dark, insomnia, feelings of irritability crystal hanging ornament and other symptoms of distress,crystal lotus candleholder or even a "screen face", dark complexion, long spots, pale, etc., this fact is the blood out of the question. For the definition of beautiful skin, not just white, water and oil balance, delicate these meanings, is equally important to look good. How to "have the inside" to the beautiful bloom of youth, is more and more white-collar concerns.

    Peach Ji "discovered that the U.S. - find Peach Lady" directly to the white-collar workers, so that they can not only fully understand the "Aohao gelatin" - the magic peach Kyi, but also enjoy the full experience of the product through the free "good taste." White-collar office building dedicated to the "Peach Blossom Lady" online selection and VIP member center, leaving white-collar workers who Peach Ji intimate feel and care for women caring. Ji peach gelatin cake blood and beauty, the efficacy of nourishing yin, which means that the instant the characteristics of white-collar workers do not have to because of busy work and not take into account the "face" issues to worry about.

    It is obvious that peach Ji "discovered that the U.S. - find Peach Lady" activities directed at young professionals, so that "peach Ji" real life into the white-collar workers, white-collar female beauty and a good companion. Ji peach gelatin cake follow the ancient square, with authentic donkey-hide gelatin as the main raw material, walnut and black sesame seeds, use of modern refining process. Ji peach gelatin cake is rich nutrients, with beauty, health tonic effect, the skin becomes smooth and delicate, red and shiny, flexible, long-term consumption has a soothing beauty, anti-aging, improve immunity effect . Entrance with a subtle fragrance, love does not address the mouth delicious, peach Ji simple office workers eat a good color, bloom anywhere from within Smart beauty.

    According to the person in charge of activities related to: the past, various types of experts selected by the pageant contestants, and assess the final winner, viewers and users can not directly involved. The "Peach Lady" of pre-pageant, no one can campaign, no one can vote, creating a "network voting beauty," the first of its kind. All entries to the white-collar office by Sina microblogging site and register in two ways, more opportunity to show the "beauty" of the self! Login now Sina microblogging, as long as I shot a Match Friends, beautiful enclosed Declaration, with the # find. U.S. # topic, and then the official micro-Bo Ji @ Peach (, can easily participate in selection, winning "Beautiful Fund", Swarovski crystal jewelry, and other favorite awards.

    Ji peach gelatin cake not only to bring white-collar workers "within the custody, to get that beautiful" food is still a new idea of ??beauty, leaving a white-collar workers feel the youth and self-confidence. As long as you have enough self-confidence, it Come and join the "Peach Blossom Lady" award, so maybe it will change your destiny!

    Donkey-hide gelatin peach Ji "discovered that the U.S. - find Peach Lady" Online Registration Address:

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