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Diamond plate stick shake "blind" electronic eye, said traffic police to punish

    "License plate on the even set a drill!" Recently, the Harbin on the microblogging community, said Ms. Sun, in the Daoli willow street,crystal perfume bottle supplier she saw a black sport utility vehicle's license plate in the sun shining exception, a closer look at the top even trimmed with diamond.

     Ms. Sun said she felt quite surprising filmed on mobile phone and spread the micro-Bo, there are users that the license plate is set on the diamond (man-made crystal glass cut from the jewelry), to evade capture electronic eye.

     crystal craft company 6, 20 am, reporters and thecrystal craft factory Yangtze River in the Songshan Road intersection and found a black car in the rear license plate light irradiation is very dazzling. Look closely, above the license plate characters, letters and numbers are neatly set a layer of diamond.

     7, crystal animal supplier the reporter visited the Harbin many car accessories shop found that many businesses are prominently hanging decorative stones, and provide drilling services for the license plate stickers.crystal ashtray factory Reporters in the street, a car accessories shop Xuanhua see, these diamond color, of varying quality, the price of several thousand dollars per cause. The owner said: "The more expensive the price the higher the brightness, you break a red light enough money to buy a diamond, the glue would not worry about the future of electronic eyes."

     Decorative car nothing wrong, but the premise is not contrary to relevant laws and regulations. Harbin traffic police department said that as the diamond paste, the reflex points on the license are covered by a serious impediment to monitoring equipment for such evidence of traffic violations fixed, are "deliberately obscured, defaced, do not follow the installation of motor vehicle number card "behavior, according to the law will impose a fine of 200 yuan note 6 points.

     Traffic police department to remind the driver has a diamond paste in the license should be immediately clear, the traffic police department will conduct a serious investigation of these traffic violations, and according to strict penalties. (Hayat)

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