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Gifts for "vest": luxury packaging Who pays the bill for you

   "Small shirt" "vest" "coat" "coat", the product wrapped in several tiers. Although China has formulated in 2009, "limit excessive packaging requirements", but with the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, the excessive packaging of this "persistent" problem once again cause for concern.

    Beautiful box is not worth paper money

    The people Ms. Liu was a shopaholic, china crystal ball with the purchase of goods increased, the family piled all kinds of fine packaging a wall, she decided to waste recycling. "5 cents per kilogram cardboard,crystal ball company plastics laminated 2 cents." Loved treasures of the high-end packaging, recycling prices not as good as old newspapers.

    crystal gifts manufacturer It is understood that "limit excessive packaging requirements of food and cosmetics," the national standard for the cost of food and cosmetics packaging and packaging made specific provisions clearance rate: not more than three layers of packaging layers, all packaging other than the initial packing Cost of goods shall not exceed 20% of the sales price, otherwise, will not be allowed on the market distribution and sales.diamond supplier But the author of several large supermarkets in the urban survey found that although the "thousand moon cake" hard to find, simple packaging than in previous years are also many, the box volume is relatively diminished, but the excessive packaging of the problem still exists.

    crystal pendant china In urban areas a large shopping center, I see the wooden moon cake gift box, the front carved with the Moon pattern, pattern gilt box four weeks are in full bloom moon cake box within the Department of the eight mussel style silver metal texture boxes, and inlaid with pearl-like ornaments really very enjoyablecrystal gift supplier , but the 688 yuan price is staggering. Moon cake made of a food court in each price range from 4 to 7.8 yuan, but 10 such moon cake "lie down" into the box, the price had soared to 388 yuan.

    I found that other types of packaging of goods as an exception beautiful. Propolis products in a mall four-layer packaging, are a beautiful bag, a packaging box, a thin film of plastic and glass bottles; some tea and health food is at least a three-layer packaging. "This in the end is to buy packaging, or buy merchandise. Who are willing to dig their own consumption, so much money?" People are buying gift selection while shaking his head while Su.

    According to statistics, there are one-third of municipal solid waste is packaging of waste, and packaging of waste in these more than half are deluxe packaging. Volume of packaging waste accounts for half of solid waste, waste every year worth 400 billion yuan. Worth the money for packaging, recycling prices are less than 1 million, and non-environmentally friendly material than the material can no longer use.

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